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Zoggs swimming hand paddles are a fantastic training aid for those looking to improve their stroke technique.

Whether you’re an experienced swimmer, or new to the water, our hand paddles increase the workout and fitness achieved from regular swims.

Aquadynamic design

With a scooped front end, Matrix hand paddles catch the phase of your stroke to add more impact for increased speed.

Holes in the paddles give you an increased feel of the water, so it’s easy to incorporate your new technique into everyday swimming.

Improve technique

These swim training aids help to teach the optimal swimming position by keeping your hand straight as it pulls through the water.

Prevent ‘braking effect’ caused by your wrist hitting the surface first, ensuring all your energy is channelled into propelling through the lanes.

Increase speed

Be first to the finish line with Zoggs hand paddle training aids. Improve the efficiency and speed of your stroke – even after you take off the training equipment.