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Zoggs swimming hand paddles are a fantastic training aid for anyone looking to improve their stroke technique.

An efficient stroke is the cornerstone of improving speed and performance in the pool. Achieving the best body shape in the water reduces the risk of injury and allows you to train for longer. That is why people of all abilities use hand paddles to improve their workout and their fitness.

Our hand paddles for swimming are hydrodynamic. They are available in medium or large, and have been designed to improve multiple areas of your stroke.

By forcing your hand to stay straight as it pulls through the water, Zoggs hand paddles for swimming improve the efficiency of the stroke at the point where it has the most impact on speed.

The scooped front end also helps to improve the catch of the stroke. It is designed to make sure water is pushed backwards from the moment each hand strikes the water. The benefits of this are twofold: it reduces the chances of the swimmers suffering from the ‘braking effect’ caused by the wrist hitting the surface first; it also means energy is not wasted by pushing water downwards, which is inefficient, tiring and achieves no forward propulsion.

Holes in the swimming hand paddles mean you do not lose the feel of the water through the stroke. This makes it easier to incorporate your improved technique into normal swimming stroke when you are not using the hand paddles.