Swimming fins are fantastic tools to help swimmers of all levels improve their training. Kicking in your training fins will provide an explosive workout. The added workload that is placed on your legs by using one will see you improve your endurance and lower body strength.

As well as helping you to improve stamina, swimming fins will support improved technique and body position while in the water. The added propulsion you get means you will become faster, helping you plane across the water instead of dragging your legs through the pool which slows you down.

New or returning swimmers take a long time to adjust to kicking in the water (as well as to upper body movement and breathing!) At first, many notice that they go through a period where they have to adjust to the pressures on their ankles.

The cause of this is often inflexible ankles. Ankles that remain rigid can sometimes have a negative effect, acting as brakes rather than as accelerators. Fins help to resolve this problem. After repeated use, fins help to hyperextend the ankle and improve movement, efficiency and propulsion in your swimming.

Swimming fins provide resistance training for the power phase of your kick, strengthening muscles in the upper and lower legs. Your workout will burn more calories and improve your speed once you remove the training fins .

Zoggs fins are made out of sustainable dual density rubber and unlike many others, are permitted in most pools’ public training sessions. All blades are expertly designed to provide increased propulsion, improved power and a better swimming stroke.