Add a splash of intensity to your water workout with Zoggs Ultra Finz. Our swimming fins provide the perfect tool for swimmers of all levels, and come in UK shoe sizes 1-12.

Zoggs swimming fins help to improve strength and endurance in the pool by adding to the workload placed on your legs while swimming.

Dual-density design

Our Ultra Finz are made from ultra-comfort silicone. Their soft and malleable foot offers comfort around the ankle while the rigid blade allows for optimum propulsion through the lanes.

These lightweight swimming fins also reduce muscle fatigue and cramping, helping you train for longer.

Resistance training

Give yourself a workout in the pool. Swim fins add resistance to the power phase of your kick to strengthen leg muscles – particularly glutes.

Your water workout will burn more calories and improve your speed when you remove the fins, so you can be first to the finish line.

Flexible movement

Improve flexibility in your ankles with the help of Zoggs swim fins. Soft moulded silicone is comfortable and allows for unrestricted movement.

The result is higher efficiency and propulsion in your swimming.