Find your child a swimming cap that they will wear with pride. Zoggs supply a range of swimming caps for kids, meaning you can choose from a selection of different materials and a range of designs and colours. It means that we are bound to stock one to suit every young swimmer.

As with our adult range, our kids caps are available in silicone and fabric materials. Both provide warmth and keep hair safely tucked away. Zoggs caps for kids are designed to fit young heads, so your child will be comfortable wearing the cap throughout the duration of their time in the pool.

The different materials offer something different in terms of performance and fit. Silicone caps are easy to stretch, so they are suitable for children with long hair that they want to keep out of the water.

Meanwhile, fabric caps are easier to put on and provide more comfort, but will allow water to pass through. These are not designed to stop a child’s hair from getting wet, but still provide warmth and will stop hair from getting in the way.

All our caps are available in a range of colours. A number of our silicone caps also feature fun designs. We have Peppa and George Pig caps that are popular amongst fans of the television programme. Our brightly-coloured caps feature shark and fish designs that put the fashion in to splashing!