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Zoggs Peppa Pig swimming games are designed to help children become more confident in the water and are a positive way to help your little ones feel at home in the pool. Children who are not naturally confident in the water will experience huge benefits and they will begin to relax in the water and get more enjoyment from swimming.

Peppa Pig soakers are soft to the touch and, although they absorb water, are designed to dry quickly. Peppa Pig squirts suck up water that can be squirted out again. Both toys are designed to float on the water. They are ideal for playing a variety of games that your child will love.

One game that will help children to become more confident is a classic treasure hunt. Using the Peppa & George squirts or Peppa & George soakers as the treasure, you can let them paddle to retrieve the Peppa Pig treasures. Your child will begin to move freely and learn to be independent in the water, helping their confidence to slowly improve over time.

Swimming games are a great way to help your little ones learn the basic skills and become used to being in the water. As their ability and confidence grows they can move onto more advanced swimming techniques, but can still use the toys for playtime.