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Peppa Pig floats are buoyancy aids that help children to improve their confidence in the swimming pool. A Peppa Pig inflatable float is an aid that gives your child something to rest on while they move their arms and legs in the water. That way, children can achieve natural movement that will allow them to improve their confidence in the swimming pool.

Zoggs Peppa Pig back float similarly helps your young swimmer in the swimming pool. Its adjustable layers can be removed, so you can give your child less support as they develop their essential skills. Our back float is made from heavy duty EVA and uses a double action safety buckle for added safety and confidence for your child.

Our Peppa Pig swim ring and George swim ring have an easy to inflate valve that will inflate and deflate up to 50% quicker than a standard valve. This saves you time while you are in the swimming pool or on holiday. With dual air chambers and colourful pictures on both swim rings, your Zoggs Peppa Pig float is both an ideal swim aid and something your child will love.

Peppa Pig and George Pig armbands come in two great colours. They provide classic support in the water and with the easy to inflate valve you can save time while preparing your child for the swimming pool. Made from heavy duty Vylux, the armbands will improve your child’s confidence in the water and deliver protection that you can rely on.