All young swimmers can benefit from some assistance in the water to help them develop into strong swimmers who are comfortable in the water. A Zoggs non inflatable buoyancy aid is an ideal way to assist your child in developing their water confidence.

One buoyancy aid that you can choose is the Learn to Swim Float Suit. It is not a life jacket (and should not be used as a replacement for one); it is designed to enable your child stay on the surface of the water even if they are not a strong swimmer. By encouraging them to adopt the correct swimming positions, it helps them develop a style that is natural and that they are comfortable with. With guidance they can then develop their skills safely and without fear. The suit also offers 50+ UPF sun protection, making it great for on holiday.

Other wearable products include the swim jacket and bobin. Both provide support in the water for your child while offering great freedom of movement. Each wearable non inflatable buoyancy aid is available in different sizes and colours.

We also have a range of different kickboards designed to help children improve their swimming. These include the Peppa and George Pig kickboard and backfloat, each offering support for building different weaknesses and strokes.

Float discs give greater movement than conventional armbands and offer added flexibility. They are supplied in fours, so a child can start with two on each arm and remove one once they have improved their skills and become more confident in the water.