• Aquaman joins the new DC Super Heroes collection

    We're delighted to announce Aquaman has joined our new DC Super Heroes collection which includes Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman. With swimwear for all the family, goggles…Read More

  • An essential guide to swimwear back styles

    We have a number of swimsuit styles to choose from, whether you're heading to the pool, the beach or the lake. Here's an essential guide to finding the best back style for you…Read More

  • Our top 5 swimwear picks for AW18

    With August almost upon us, we had to share some of our favourite AW18 styles for women. You can certainly make a statement with the Mystique Classic Back (pictured above) w…Read More

  • Ecolast™ swimwear styles for women

    Here at Zoggs we're passionate about the ocean and protecting our world for the future. Our Ecolast™ swimwear transforms debris that's damaging our oceans into high per…Read More

  • How to protect your children in the sunshine

    Babies and children are particularly sensitive to the sun so protecting their skin when the temperatures rise really is essential. Here are our top tips to keeping children…Read More

  • Holiday essentials for babies and toddlers

    Our Learn to Swim range is designed to help provide children with a kick start in the pool whether they're starting or learning to swim. Our swimwear is cleverly designed wi…Read More

  • Buoyancy aids for children up to 5

    While buoyancy aids are a great way to build water confidence when children are starting or learning to swim, they're ideal for keeping them safe too. Children should of c…Read More

  • Our favourite holiday styles for women

    None of us have the same body shape so naturally the style of swimsuits we require for our holidays varies enormously. We've taken a take a look at some of our swimwear featur…Read More

  • Make a pledge on World Environment Day 2018

    Today is World Environment Day, the UN's most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Celebrated in over 100 coun…Read More

  • Focus on the SS18 collection for men

    Get yourself pool ready with the SS18 collection for men. With jammers and racers for pool practice and cool shorts for leisure, you can achieve the perfect look without com…Read More

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