Who Are Healthy Seas?

Healthy Seas is a not-for-profit initiative with a mission to protect the oceans and marine life. Working with divers, schools, NGOs and governments, Healthy Seas is responsible for the retrieval of ghost fishing nets and raising awareness of the environmental damage these nets cause. 

Healthy Seas is committed to marine protection and aims for sustainibility, in both an environmental and an economic sense. Healthy Seas has retrieved 453 tons of fishing nets since 2013 - the equivalent of three blue whales!

A woman walking along a beach while wearing an Ecolast environmentally friendly swimsuit from Zoggs.
A man climbing out of a swimming pool while wearing Ecolast swimming shorts from Zoggs.
A woman doing yoga on the beach while wearing a Zoggs Ecolast environmentally-friendly bikini.

Ecolast™: Swimwear Made From Ocean Waste


The Healthy Seas - A Journey From Waste to Wear - intiative collects abandoned fishing nets that are transformed by Aquafil into ECONYL® yarn, a high quality regenerated nylon used to create sustainable products like swimwear.

Thanks to Healthy Seas, our Ecolast™ swimwear is made from abandoned fishing nets, carpets and industrial waste rescued from the oceans and landfill. Using 78% ECONYL® yarn and 22% LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™, Ecolast™ swimwear is soft, comfortable and offers superb shape retention. Proven to be 15 times more resiliant than standard swimwear fabrics, you can focus on what's important - having fun! Whether that be swimming at the pool, taking to the open water or relaxing on the beach.

We are commited to protecting the oceans and having cleaner seas. That's why we're donating 10% of Ecolast profits to Healthy Seas - Journey from Waste to Wear - initiative
We're passionate about making a difference and look forward to working in partnership with Healthy Seas to protect our world for the future.
A graphic of a turtle and ghost fishing nets. Marine protection: action against waste fishing nets


Marine Protection: Action Against Waste Fishing Nets


Fishing Net Retrieval – Volunteer divers have recovered ghost fishing nets that threaten marine life from the North Sea, the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.


Marine Litter Prevention – Healthy Seas collaborates with fishermen, local communities and stakeholders to prevent waste fishing nets ending up in the sea.


Raising Awareness – Healthy Seas helps raise awareness about the harmful effects these discarded nets cause.



A graphic of ghost fishing nets being turned into yarn. Regeneration: from fishing nets to yarn


Regeneration: From Fishing Nets to Yarn


Preparing the Waste – Recovered waste fishing nets are cleaned, shredded and prepared for regeneration.


Regeneration –  At the ECONYL® depolymerisation plant the nets, and other discarded materials, are transformed into ECONYL® regenerated yarn.


ECONYL® Yarn – This is used to create sustainable products like our Ecolast™ Swimwear.



A graphic of the cycle of transforming ocean waste into swimwear.