Confident Swimmers

Discover Zoggs pool games for confident swimmers. Specially designed for more competent young swimmers, these pool games are a great way to encourage fun and learning in the water.

Underwater swimming

Introduce little ones to the world of underwater swimming. Our dive and retrieve games use toys that encourage swimmers to put their head underwater.
Find cool character dive sticks that kids love - including our Finding Dory range.

Develop technique

Our swimming games are ideal for developing kids’ swim technique as they become champion swimmers.
Inflatable pool noodles offer support and improve kick technique for fast swimmers.

Increase strength

Encourage strength in the water. Make pool games, like our clam hunt, competitive using races that have kids gliding through the water.
Increased strength is important for competent and safe swimming.
Zoggs pool games play an important role in learning to swim and work best when paired with our buoyancy aids.