Introduce little ones to the world of swimming with Zoggs swimming games. Our selection of pool games add a splash of fun to swimming, and are suitable for all levels of ability.
Get new swimmers used to the water and build confidence with our exciting swimming games.

Play in the pool

Encourage play with Zoggs’ soakers and squirts. These games help little ones get a feel for the water in the pool, or even in the bath.
Find designs that kids love, including Dory, Nemo and more!

Grow confidence

Grow kids’ confidence in the water with our selection of dive and retrieve games. Our dive sticks and rings encourage swimmers to go underwater and collect items.
Competent swimmers develop their swimming style and technique with these fun games.

Buoyancy aids

Use pool games in addition to Zoggs buoyancy aids to give kids a kick start in swimming.
Fun and flexible inflatable pool noodles are an ideal learn-to-swim aid. Help to improve kick technique for growing swimmers with these buoyancy aids.