Stress Awareness Day

5 ways swimming benefits your mind and helps reduces stress

No one is immune to stress. And while you can’t opt out of tense times, you can choose how you respond to them. The next time you feel stressed, why not take to the water to help take things down a notch and embrace all the physical and mental benefit it has to offer.


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Swimming is a full-body workout

When you swim, you engage all of your upper and lower body muscles. Different strokes will help target different muscle groups and mixing your strokes up during your swim will give you a well-rounded workout.


Front Crawl – Emphasises your shoulder and chest muscles as well as the kick targeting your thighs and glutes.

Backstroke – Works posture should muscle and the upper back which helps maintain good posture.

Breaststroke – the upper body hero - Exercises the biceps, triceps, pecs, lats, deltoids and inner thighs.


Swimming improves cardiovascular health

Because swimming uses a high volume of muscle energy, this does not only burn calories but also helps pushes blood around the body which improves your cardiovascular levels and circulation.


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Swimming lowers your blood pressure

In addition to improving your cardio levels, swimming can keep your blood pressure low as well as reducing the risk of strokes and type 2 diabetes.


Swimming releases endorphins

Much like general exercise, swimming releases the happy hormone (endorphins) into our brains, but by being in the water, whether indoor or outdoors can help you relax your body, clear your mind and reduce anxiety.


Swimming eases stress

Regular physical activity, including swimming, has been linked to lower psychological stress levels and improved mood.

Swimming strokes involve rhythmic breathing which can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system – the part of our nervous system that’s responsible for rest and relaxation.


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