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Boost Breast Forms are super excited to be partnering with Zoggs as their chosen breast form provider. So exciting!


Simon GriffithsSimon Griffiths

At Boost, we understand that swimming after a mastectomy can be such a confusing experience. Should I wear a pocketed swimming costume for my breast prosthesis? What if my breast form is too heavy? If I’ve had a single mastectomy, will my other boob be supported in my costume? How will I swim comfortably if I’m constantly worrying about my boobs? We’ve been asked these questions so many times by so many women who’ve struggled with making swimming feel comfortable post-mastectomy and we are delighted to be working with Zoggs to help address some of these issues. Boost Breast forms are designed with swimming in mind, and combined with a great swimsuit like the Zoggs multiway one piece swimsuit) which has a double-layer shelf bra with side opening pockets) there is the security and comfort of knowing that your breast form will stay put while you swim those lengths.


SHepperton LakeSHepperton Lake


We know that Boost breast forms love water. Boost’s unique design means that our Breast Forms are not only lightweight, they’re breathable too. Instead of being filled with a silicone gel that weighs you down, Boost Breast forms are open-structured while still being robust. Rather than being porous and absorbing water, Boost’s structure means that water can drain through and doesn’t get caught in your swimming costume. Usefully, Boost products can be dried quickly with a towel after you leave the pool and then they are good to go for the journey home.


The journey to create a new breast form has been a personal one for Co-Founder Sam Jackman. She explains:

“17 years ago my mum had a mastectomy as part of her treatment for breast cancer. She was given a breast prosthesis to wear. It made her sweaty, it was hot and was uncomfortable against her scar. It was heavy, and pulled her clothing down when she moved and it wasn’t suitable for swimming. In the end, she refused to wear it. But there were times when she felt it would be nice to have some shape under her clothes, yet we struggled to find any alternatives. Products were too light (like cushions) or too heavy (like the silicone gel). It turned out that lots of women had a similar experience to my mum, and in the end we decided that, if nobody else was going to make it our mission to create a new type of breast form, we would have to do it ourselves. We created our Boost design to be comfortable for exercise, swimming and daily use.”

Sam is delighted to be teaming up with Zoggs; “I am really impressed that the Zoggs team are listening to the community and making swimwear that supports your boobs and foobs, which is robust enough to feel like everything is held in place whilst you practice your best forward crawl” she adds.


swim with prideswim with pride
swim with prideswim with pride

 Indeed, the way that Zoggs have used their knowledge of performance swimwear to increase options available to women after breast cancer treatment is a brilliant thing. Big waves in the sea? No problem. Trying the butterfly stroke? We’ve got it. Reached length 36 of your 50 target? That’s fab!


We can’t wait to see more Zoggs and Boost combos on the beaches and pools around the UK.


Swimming is such a great way to exercise if you’ve had treatment for breast cancer. Supporting shoulder and arm mobility, helping maintain a healthy weight and that ‘feel good’ feeling of a good workout makes swimming a wonderful thing to do. Swimming groups are popular all over the UK, whether you are braving the outdoors with wild swimming, or hitting the pool at the leisure centre, a supportive group can be a great motivator and lead to new friendships.


We passionately believe that wearing a breast form should not hold anyone back if they are keen to swim. We are so happy that the Zoggs team share this view and we can team up to make sure women who have had a mastectomy have the essentials they need to get in the water with confidence!


swim with prideswim with pride