Swimathon & Her Spirit


Our partners at Her Spirit have shared recent news of their ambassador Sam Paine taking up the Swimathon 5k Challenge. 


national fitness daynational fitness day


"Swimming has been something I’ve been lucky enough to be able to do ever since I was small and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to give my children that gift too.." Sam Paine

Sam is actually doing the 5k Challenge in one swim in preparation for a longer term goal of doing a 10K open water marathon! Whilst taking inspiration from one of Zoggs ambassadors Cath Pendleton, also known as "The Merthyr Mermaid" by taking cold showers for a year!! Go on we dare you try that!!!


Zoggs Sustainability MissionZoggs Sustainability Mission


Open Water Vs Pool?

It's safe to say Sam prefers Open Water swimming and on the odd occasion had mini panicks and freak out when something touches her hand or feet but overcoming those times has made Sam realise what she can do not what she can't - ultimatley making her a better swimmer. Whilst being extremely safety conscioius Sam always swims outdoors with a partner (which is a important safety recomendation), she has braved the indoor pool when let down by open water swim partners and whilst not the same for an open wtaer lover, comments that it is still a great place to get training. 


*All above extracts taken from Her Spirit site 


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