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Zoggs 2021 Gift Guide: Annie’s Edit



Zoggs Predator Goggles


1. For a swimmer, having a good pair of goggles goes hand in hand with having pleasant swim experience! If you go swimming and your goggles steam up, let in water or worst of all you just can’t see well, then it can really impact not only your performance, but your enjoyment! I love my Zoggs Predator Goggles because not only are they versatile in terms of swimming conditions, they’re comfortable for both short training sessions and longer swims too. If I’m ever unsure which Goggles to wear, these are my go to.


national fitness daynational fitness day


Zoggs Tri-vison Mask


2. During lockdown a lot of people got into open water swimming, which is just fantastic because it is one of the best sports! When conditions are appropriate I love to swim with clear large goggles, you get a good view of everything. For my open water swim training sessions, when I know the conditions are good, I love a Tri-vison mask to ensure I get that 180 degree peripheral vision with through their curved lens.


Zoggs Sustainability MissionZoggs Sustainability Mission


Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra with Glow Ocean Walker Goggles 


3. These are my most recent pair of Goggles that I’m swimming in most at the moment. These are a versatile pair of goggles which are designed to work both indoor and outdoor swimming sessions. These are designed by Adam ‘Ocean’ Walker who was the first Brit to swim the toughest 7 oceans in the world. What makes these even more special is their added glow feature!


Zoggs Sustainability MissionZoggs Sustainability Mission




For swim training sessions - Predator Spliced Legsuit 


  1. I’m a big fan of the short swimsuits like this because much like the descriptions says, they’re like a second skin. This particular one that I have is 100% chlorine proof  and UV resistant fabric. With this swimsuit I feel like I’m being supported very well and find it to be more like a trisuit than other options, meaning I can replicate what a race could feel like during my swim sessions. Zoggs are so confident in this particular swimsuit that they offer a lifetime guarantee on it!
Zoggs Sustainability MissionZoggs Sustainability Mission


For a bit of this and a bit of that - Dynamite Y Back


2. The one you might have spotted me in a lot is the Dynamite Swimsuit. This for me is my hybrid swimsuit, it looks fun with this eye-catching print, but is designed with training in mind, with its hidden support. I use this for both pool swimming and also wild swimming too.


Zoggs Sustainability MissionZoggs Sustainability Mission


For leisure - Lattice One Shoulder


3. You have to have a leisure swimsuit in your collection - it’s a must, right?! This one is a personal fave and has joined me on holiday a number of times, it is the Lattice One Shoulder Swimsuit. Not only is this elegant and extremely flattering in design, this actually has hidden support as well making it ideal for swimming and relaxing.


Zoggs Sustainability MissionZoggs Sustainability Mission




If you’re looking for a swim challenge to focus on in 2022, I highly recommend the Henley Mile. For this you swim a mile in Henley Upon Thames as spectators watch close by. This is quite a large event with lots of other things happening, which makes it not only a fun day for those taking part, but also a great day out for the family.