The essential guide to swimwear back styles.

There are so many swimsuit styles available, but what's really the difference between them? Well, here's the essential guide to finding the best back style for you. Whether you're a lane swimmer, pool-side lounger, or an open water adventurer, we want you to feel completely comfortable so you can concentrate on what's important. Enjoying the water!

Although we have a whole range of differing back styles, they can all be placed in to one of two categories; those that are designed to allow freedom of movement and security, and those that are designed to support you.

Generally, those designed with movement in mind are often used by people who swim for fitness, and those designed to support are worn in more of a leisure setting. However, at the end of the day, you should wear the one you are most comfortable with!


The Actionback is a great design for those that need movement, and also want the bust support. Featuring a shelf bra for light support and modesty, as well as wide straps for a secure fit. The Oliver Actionsback is a great example that is also created from our Ecolast +!


The Atomback, similar to the actionback, is also best for active swimmers as it provides freedom of movement with wider straps for added support and comfort.

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The Sprintback provides great comfort and freedom of movement, suitable for active swimmers. We have a much loved Metallix design and an Ecolast + swimsuit featuring this back!


Swimsuits featuring a Sonicback are typically athletic in style, with wide straps for extra support and coverage.

Swimwear SprintbackSwimwear Sprintback
Swimwear CrossbackSwimwear Crossback
Swimwear Zipped BackSwimwear Zipped Back
Zipped Back

T Back

Featuring a contemporary sport silhouette with sleek back detail, our T Back design provides superb comfort and fit, however active you're being.

Zipped Back

Sporty design is our Zipped Back swimsuit with extra support and coverage but with the fashionable back detail. As well as it looking cool, it also allows a much easier 'getting in-and-out' experience. Better more, one of our renown Predator Swimsuit's features this style back.


The Crossback is a high style design with fixed foam cups for support and comfort. As the name suggests, the suit features straps in a cross shape, allowing some of the best security.


The Strikeback is best for active swimmers looking for support and comfort with the slim straps drawing away from the shoulder blades. The open design allows for freedom of movement making it perfect for tumble turns.


One of our more self-explanatory suits is the tieBackand it's ideal for those with leisure on their mind. It showcases an exposed back with a fashion tie back for easy access.


If you were to imagine a classic swimsuit, you would probably imagine one with the Classicback. Presenting a classic straight back style with adjustable straps for additional comfort.


One of our most popular designs is the ScoopbackBest for support and known for suiting all body shapes. As an added treat, it also comes with adjustable straps. Because it's so popular, we have many Scoopback swimsuits for you.

Hi Front

Although it doesn't sound like a back design, the Hi Front offers more coverage around the front (hence the name), whilst allowing for an exposed back with a clip fastening at the top.

Swimwear Hi FrontSwimwear Hi Front
Hi Front
Swimwear T TiebackSwimwear T Tieback
T Tieback
Swimwear TiebackSwimwear Tieback

Halter Neck

Suits with a Halter Neck feature superior support and a luxurious fit, with a comfortable high back.


Another self-explanatory one is our Strapless design. A classic leisure style with a clip at the back to provide security and fit around the bust. The open back allows for extra capacity in length with an enhanced fashion appeal.

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Deep Scoopback

The Deep Scoopback is a sleek leisure-style scoopback, with a low back design and adjustable straps. Providing great appeal and a secure fit.

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T Tieback

Finally, we have both a sporty and leisure design combined, to create out T Tieback. Sleek back detail, comfortable fit, and a functional tie doubling up as a fashionable detail.