Predator Goggle Review

Annie Brooks’ Zoggs Predator Review


What is the one thing that can make swimming difficult? Not getting the right goggles!

They always say if you don’t realise you’re wearing goggles then chances are, they are the perfect set for your swim. The last thing you want is the wrong kind of goggles for your swim, and luckily now we have such a selection from Zoggs, there is quite honestly something for all kinds of swims.




But which is best?


I tend to do a variety of swims from pool, to lake, to sea, and not only that, sometimes it might be overcast and quite dark, then other times I could be swimming into direct sunlight. Having the right goggles in terms of fit and lens, is imperative to having not only a quality swim, but an enjoyable one too… and, of course, one less thing to worry about!


I’m a huge fan of the Zoggs Predator collection of goggles from Zoggs and I personally swear by these for all of my swims.  Over the past few years after swimming in a range of conditions I have had the opportunity to test out a few of them, so these are my top 3 Zoggs Predator goggles.


pool swimmingpool swimming


Pool Swims - Predator Flex

Keeping things very classic with the Predator Flex goggles, with a clear lens. The perfect partner for those indoor swimming pool training sessions. You don’t need to be concerned about lighting during an indoor swim, so why over complicate things? It’s just you and focusing on your swim session.

  1. Product overview - Predator Flex Goggles Grey/Blue - Tinted Smoke Lens
    Predator Flex Goggles
    As low as £35.00 (Incl. taxes, excl. shipping costs)


Open water swims - Predator Flex Polarized

If you’re thinking of a sea or a lake swim, then you cannot miss these polarized ultras with glow by the incredible Adam Walker (he’s a record breaking open water swimmer).

Not only are these great in open water, they’re also fantastic indoors too. Plus, they’ve been designed with long swims in mind, so comfort really is key with these!

 Got a long swim challenge like Henley Mile this year? These are perfect!


Best light - Predator Titanium Reactor

There is nothing worse than picking the wrong goggles for swimming when the light isn’t quite what you expect, or even worse, it changes. If you’re unsure about what the conditions might be, then Predator Titanium Reactor goggles are your best investment.

I personally love the brand new Predator Titanium Reactor Goggles, and why is that? Because the lens is reactive to the light! No need to worry about light changing and not having good visual during your swim, these goggles will have you covered. These are more go-to for all my open water triathlons.

  1. Product overview - Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggle BKGORTI
    Predator Flex Titanium Reactor Goggle
    As low as £60.00 (Incl. taxes, excl. shipping costs)

When it comes to goggles there is something for every kind of swim situation, but the two most important things to consider is comfort and visual. Always find a pair of goggles to feel comfortable, and always select something that provides the perfect lens for your swim. Once you’ve ticked off those two important requirements, you’ll definitely be swimming happy… so be sure to check out the Zoggs Predator Collection.