Christmas Gift Guide for Swimmers

From toys for water-babies to goggles for grown-up swimmers, you can find the perfect presents for the ones you love this Christmas at Zoggs. Here’s our top Christmas gift selections for swimmers this festive season;

Gifts for Little Swimmers:

Peppa Pig and George Squirts
This pair of tactile, squeezy George and Peppa Pig Squirt toys are ideal for little ones. Suitable for use at home in the bath or at the pool, they help kids to feel excited about getting into the water and quickly help to develop their confidence.

Zoggs Christmas Gifts Peppa Pig

Seal Flips
Children of all ages will get hours of entertainment from these five, bright and colourful seal flips. Blow on the seal’s face and he’ll flip over to reveal another fun character underneath! They help new swimmers learn to manage their breathing and can be used as a buoy for them to swim and retrieve.

Zoggs Seal Flips Christmas Gifts

For every little girl or boy, imaginative play is a vital tool in learning any kind of new activity and swimming is no exception. Help them jump into the pool and a whole new underwater world as an imaginary mermaid or merboy in our range of boys and girls swimsuits for those aged 6 to 15.

Zoggs Swimwear

Zoggy Dive Sticks
Kids love playing games in the pool and our most popular dive toy puts a fresh new spin on a classic game of hide and seek - where’s Zoggy?! Place the Zoggy Dive Sticks on the side of the pool or drop them to the bottom according to your child’s ability and watch their water confidence grow as they swim to retrieve them.

Zoggy Dive Sticks

Character Swim Caps
We stock an extensive range of swimming hats for children and adults but our colourful crab and octopus character swim caps are really popular with junior swimmers. Suitable for children aged 6 to 14, they make a fun yet practical addition to your child’s swimwear.

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Of course it’s not just little swimmers who love to have fun in the water, we stock a great selection of swimwear and accessories for grown-ups too!

Gifts for Grown-up Swimmers

Ultra Blue-Finz
Designed for use as a training aid, Ultra Blue-Finz help swimmers to build leg strength and improve their kicking technique but also, they’re just downright fun! Suitable for use in the pool or open water, these fins will propel swimmers at speed for fast, enjoyable swims.

Zoggs Blue Finz

Kick Buoy
Also from our range of popular training aids, this kick buoy is a combination of a pull buoy and kickboard, saving space in your swim bag. The Zoggs kick buoy can help swimmers of any ability to work on and refine their upper body or kicking technique to become stronger, safer and more confident in the water.


kick buoy

Swimming Goggles
Every kind of swimmer can benefit from a quality pair of goggles and at Zoggs you’re spoilt for choice. Our range is extensive but some of the most popular eyewear with both recreational swimmers and those who compete in triathlons are our Predator Flex Polarised Ultra goggles which reduce glare and Predator Flex Titanium Reactor goggles which optimise visibility in variable light conditions.

Predator Flex Titanium Reactor

To give the swimmers in your life the gifts they’ll love this Christmas, simply explore the Zoggs’ range and place your order online.

Season’s Greetings from the team at Zoggs