Pool Fun & Games

If you like to swim for fun by just splashing about with your kids at the weekend or on holiday by the pool or sea ... welcome to Zoggs Pool Fun.

Zoggs want all swimmers to enjoy the freedom, fun and exhilaration of the water with unconditional trust in their Zoggs swimwear, goggles and games.

Two kids wering caps and googles are swimming in the poolTwo kids wering caps and googles are swimming in the pool

Horse Race

  • You'll need a 'Zoodle' for this game, and someone to race against (though you can race against the clock!)
  • Line up on the start line, stitting with your legs either side of the Zoodle holding on with 2 x hands.
  • On the whistle, use your hands to paddle forwards - the first to the other side wins!


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Sequence Search

  • You'll need all the 'Dive Sticks' for this game.
  • Place them in a line at the bottom of the pool and at 2m intervals.
  • Agree the colour order to retrieve them, and race against the clock, or against a friend to bring them back one at a time to the edge of the pool. Change the colour order each time you race.
  • Variation: see if you can retrieve them all in order and in one breath!


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Clam Dive & Hunt

  • You'll need the 'Clam Dive & Hunt' and 1-2 players for this game.
  • Separate the clams and throw them in to the pool. Let them sink randomly to the bottom, then in turn race against the clock to retrieve and put the 2 halves of each clam together.
  • The player to come back to the edge with the correct halves matched in the quickest time wins.
  • Single player variation: try to match as many clams together in one breath as you can.


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Boy & Gril playing Clam Dive & HuntBoy & Gril playing Clam Dive & Hunt