The Original Predator Flex goggles are back

The Original Predator Flex goggles are back in stock - exclusively available from Zoggs (and Wiggle). If you're wondering which would be best for you, check out this handy overview of the range.

Predator Flex Original (Clear)

These Original Predator Flex swimming goggles are the perfect addition to virtually any swimmer's kit bag. Whether its smashing your PBs in the indoor lanes or taking on an open water swim, the clear lenses provide exceptional clarity. The lenses offer Fogbuster™ anti-fog, UV protection and CLT™ Curved Lens Technology for 180° peripheral vision. The comfort provided by Zoggs’ unique 4 Flexpoint Technology.

Predator flex clear crop


Predator Flex Original (Tint)

Get fully immersed with the Original Predator Flex Tinted swimming goggles with unique 4 Flexpoint Technology™. The blue tinted lenses are an ideal addition for indoor swimming as well as offering good protection against bright outdoor light. Throw in Fogbuster™ anti-fog for exceptional clarity, UV protection and CLT™ Curved Lens Technology and you have a goggle that performs just as well as it looks.

Original pred flex tint

Predator Flex Original (Mirror)

Stand out from the crowd with the Predator Flex Mirror Goggles. With the unique 4 Flexpoint™ technology for enhanced frame flexibility, they provide a contoured and comfortable fit. Silver mirrored lenses and 180 degree peripheral vision offer fantastic clarity for outdoor and open water swimming with reduced glare and reflections from the sun. The split-yoke strap reduces pressure on the face for added comfort.

Predator flex mirror

Predator Flex Original (Polarized)

Make the most out of your swim with our Original Predator Flex Polarized Goggle. The unique 4 Flexpoint Technology which offers frame flexibility and maximum comfort. The smoke polarized lenses reduce glare and reflections on the water’s surface, making this an ideal goggle for bright outdoor conditions. The Original Predator Flex Polarized goggles also come with built-in Fogbuster™ anti-fog for exceptional clarity, UV protection, and CLT™ Curved Lens Technology for 180° peripheral vision.

resize Original predator flex polarised

Predator Flex Polarized Ultra

Embrace the funexpected with the Predator Flex Polarized Ultra Swimming Goggles with polarized lenses to reduce glare and cut out blue light. Ideal for high level light conditions and direct sunshine. By repelling blue light these goggles also amplify light in darker overcast conditions, therefore providing enhanced visual sharpness and improved depth perception. The Predator Flex frame boasts fantastic 4 Flexpoint Technology™ and there's a durable split-yoke silicone strap to reduce pressure around the eyes. Previously awarded the Peak Performer Award from Triathlon Plus Magazine, the Predator Flex Polarized Ultra swimming goggles are the perfect addition to your training kit.

305847 PredFexPolUltra34black_24

Predator Flex Original Titanium Reactor

Our Zoggs Original Predator Flex Titanium Reactor swimming goggles feature our most advanced lens technology to date. The photo-chromatic lenses react to changing light conditions and become tinted in bright conditions, yet remain clear in low level light. The titanium lens means added protection from reflected light and glare from the water's surface to reduce eye fatigue.

The lens also reduces glare and softens the visual experience when swimming indoors, supporting your swim in any light conditions. The titanium lens has been incorporated into our unparalleled Predator Flex frame, for unrivalled comfort and fit, with the use of 4 Flexpoint Technology™ for enhanced frame flexibility and a customised fit. The lenses also feature Zoggs Curved Lens Technology™ offering 180 degree peripheral vision and Fogbuster™ anti-fog for exceptional moisture control and clarity. The reactive lenses are perfect for long open water swims, adapting to changing weather conditions.

Predator flex titanium

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