Introducing the Next Generation Predator Flex Goggle Collection

We recently launched the Next Generation Predator Flex goggle collection. With 4 Flexpoint Technology™, new Ultra-Fit technology, a quick adjust system and V-Groove, the range includes the high performance Predator Flex Titanium Reactor goggles.

These goggles have photo-chromatic lenses which react to changing light becoming tinted when it’s bright and clear in low level light for optimum clarity. The mirror titanium coating provides additional protection from reflected light and glare reducing eye fatigue and softening the visual experience when indoors. The new frame features patented Ultra-Fit technology, which is lighter than the previous design, resulting in less pressure around the eye socket for an “invisible fit” feel. The 4 Flexpoint Technology™ provides enhanced frame flexibility and a customised fit with the durable quick adjust strap giving additional comfort. Along with the photo-chromatic properties, the lenses feature UV protection, Fogbuster™ anti-fog and CLT™ Curved Lens Technology for 180° peripheral vision.


The Next Generation Predator Flex collection also includes the Polarized Ultra, Polarized, Titanium, Predator Flex, Polarized Predator, Polarized Ultra and Predator goggles. Key features include 4 Flexpoint Technology™ which allows the frame to "flex to the face". The Polarized Ultra lens features blue light so ideal for cutting out glare and reflections especially in direct sunlight. The Polarized and Mirrored variants also reduce that unwanted glare. These goggles come with maximum UV protection, Curved Lens Technology and Fogbuster™ with Quick Adjust Straps to get the right fit.


To see the Next Generation Predator Flex collection, visit our website.