How to take off a wetsuit

All you want to do at the end of your swim is get your wetsuit off, yet that’s often easier said than done.

If you’re a triathlete, this can slow down your transition and lose you valuable race time.

Watch this simple guide or follow the below tips to struggle less, and get yourself warm and dry sooner – or on the bike quicker.

Get unzipped
Pull the flap open at the back of your neck and find the zip strap. Pull it all the way down – the Power Glide Zip of Zoggs Wetsuits makes this easy – to you free your upper body.

Cold shoulders
One at a time, pull the wetsuit from each shoulder so the top of your back and chest are out. Peel the suit down each of your arms one at a time so that the arms are inside-out. Be firm but gentle, avoiding snagging or tearing the material.

TOP TIP : At this stage take your cap and goggles off and hold them in your hand as you pull the wetsuit down your arm letting go of the cap and goggles inside the arm of the wetsuit. This will keep them safe and secure.

Waist not
With your arms free, peel the suit down from the waist as far as you can – just below the knees should be about right. Again, the body and legs of the suit should end up inside-out.

Last leg
If you can sit down, peel the remaining part of the each leg down past your ankle. Otherwise, stand on the wetsuit with one foot while pulling the other out.

Once you have managed to wriggle out of your wetsuit, it is important to follow the below steps to keep your suit in prime condition and ready for your next swim;

- Rinse your wetsuit with cold fresh water to remove all the seawater, sand, sweat & dirt
- Dry your wetsuit in the shade if possible, as UV rays will deteriorate the fabric
- Do not fold your wetsuit for storage as the fabric will crease and not recover
- Dry your wetsuit inside out first, once the inside is dry, turn the wetsuit right side out to finish drying

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