How to put on a wetsuit

Wetsuits are supposed to fit snugly: it’s exactly how they keep you warm. The unique Flex Technology of our Zoggs wetsuits are designed for maximum comfort, and make movement effortless and natural. But let’s face it; putting a wetsuit on in the first place isn't always easy – or elegant!

1. Line it up
Make sure your wetsuit is facing the right way round, so that the zip goes at the back.

2. The plastic bag trick
Put your foot inside a plastic shopping bag before you step in to your wetsuit. The bag will help your foot slide through the leg of the suit and out the other side. Once you’re through, take the bag off, pop it on the other foot and repeat.

3. Keep it snug
Pull the suit up to your waist gently, making sure to avoid snagging it on your fingernails. When you reach the crotch, pull it up tight. Make sure there are no creases around the back of your knees and waist – these are the movement areas that you want to keep close to your skin.

4. Arms in
Lift up the front of the wetsuit and put your arms in one at a time, pulling the shoulders over on each side. Again, be gentle and make sure the suit is tight to your skin, with no creases round the elbows.

5. Zip yourself up
Reach behind you and pull the zip up – our Power Glide Zip makes this really easy. Then secure the Velcro at the back of the neck to secure the suit in to place.

6. Final check
Lift up your arms and bend forward to make sure everything fits snugly, pulling any creases so that the suit is tight all over. Then you’re ready to go!

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