Goggles Vs Masks


By Lily Roberts 


In need of a goggle upgrade this summer? Well look no further as Zoggs has a variety of options suitable for all your swimming adventures this summer! Our Predator range is a popular choice when it comes to open water swimming goggles due to the tinted, mirrored and polarised lenses choice. Another option when open water swimming is to use a swim mask. If you are looking for greater facial coverage and a wider field of vision, we recommend the Zoggs Horizon Flex Mask. Ultimately, it all comes down to personal preference.



Your days of having uncomfortable goggles are finally over. Our Predator range have a soft silicone gasket designed to give you maximum comfort, plus, they are available in two sizes, regular and small, meaning they fit 97% of faces!  Not to mention these goggles have been engineered to have a bio tech, wiro frame giving them high durability so you won’t have to keep replacing them.

The feature that makes these goggles stand out is the polarized ultra lenses. These particular lenses improve image sharpness and reduce glare as the copper lens filters out harmful blue light, the underwater world will have never looked so clear!

Some advantages of purchasing goggles are that they are versatile in regards to where you can use them, weather that’s in a pool or in open water locations. With a sleeker, streamlined design, your vision will be more focused as well as being lightweight.


Simon GriffithsSimon Griffiths


RECOMMENDED - Predator Flex Titanium Reactor



Our Horizon Flex masks are perfect for the ultimate open water swimming experience. These masks are designed for open water explorers who enjoy having a greater field of vision as the conical lens design allows swimmers to have a 180-degree peripheral vision giving a panoramic view of your surroundings.

Similar to our Predator range, our masks have been designed to give you maximum comfort. These masks have a split yoke strap, with a quick adjust system, to fit you perfectly as well as a super soft liquid skin seal, meaning you can wear it for long periods of time without discomfort.

Some more advantages to swim masks are that they help with acclimatizing to cold water due to the large surface covering a large proportion of your face. You are also likely to achieve a better fit with a mask than with goggles due to the V groove shape design allows the frame to flex to your face. Zoggs Masks and Predator goggles also have UV Protection for eyes and skin, both areas that are more sensitive, which is ideal when open water swimming.


Regardless of your swimming ability and preference, Zoggs has something for everyone when it comes to the way you see the underwater world, now it’s your turn to choose!


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RECOMMENDED - Horizon Flex Mask