Swimming Costumes To Flatter Your Shape

How Can Zoggs Swimming Costumes Flatter My Body?

Zoggs’ range of swimming costumes are made to flatter your body.  Whether that means supporting your bust or pulling in your tummy, or making your bum look fantastic.  Our ‘Swimshapes’ swimming costumes are designed to flatter, enhance and support so whether you are relaxing by the sea, racing in the pool, or just messing around in the water, you can feel confident that you look great.

This is because Zoggs appreciates the fact that everyone’s body shapes are different and everyone has a favourite and a foe part of their body.  As a result, Zoggs’ ‘Swimshapes’ range caters for all.

Feel Comfortable And Look Great In Zoggs’ Swimshapes Swimwear

Part of ‘Swimshapes’ swimwear focuses on boosting and enhancing your assets.  For example, the boost swimming costumes have graduated padding to give a natural boost to your bust, so no one will ever know!  It also includes optional padding inserts so that you can achieve maximum lift to wow the crowd at the waterside.  Some of the swimming costumes are also specialised for the larger bust, so you can choose the cup size.  This is great if you do not want to choose a whole larger size swimming costume just to accommodate your larger bust, so that it will fit perfectly for your body.

These are only a few examples of what ‘Swimshapes’ can do for your body, so visit the website today to see all the benefits which you could gain from purchasing adaptable swimwear.  If you would like to enquire about any of our products, you can call today on 00 44 (0) 1276 489089 and speak to one of our advisers