‘Swim Like Aquaman’ – Take on the challenge


Being a Superhero is never easy and they have to overcome their challenges along the way…This is why Zoggs and Warner Brothers have teamed up to give everyone a chance to be a Superhero. As part of ‘Swim Like Aquaman’ we have set you 5 challenges to defeat to truly earn your place with Aquaman!

Save the underwater kingdom of Atlantis

You will need: DC Super Hero Dive Balls or Zoggy Dive Sticks or Zoggy Dive Rings

War is raging between the seven seas and the surface world and only Aquaman can stop the war. Help him by completing this challenge! Drop the Dive Toys into the water, depending on the difficulty level this could be in a straight line or scattered. Decide the sequence in which the Dive Toys should be retrieved and returned to the edge of the pool. Start by collecting one at a time and returning to the wall. If you need to make it a little harder try and collect them all in one go without returning to the wall.

Dive Sticks

Aquaman vs Orm

You will need: Zoggy Back Float or Kickboard or Jet Pack

This is a race between Aquaman (hero) and Orm (villain). Set the distance the race will be completed over and decide who will be the Superhero and who will be the Villain. If there are more than two people, make it into a relay: Team

Aquaman vs Team Orm! Who will win? Start by using a floatation aid, but if you need to make it harder try it without the floatation aid.

Jet Pack

Don’t drop Aquaman’s Trident

You will need: Aquaman Gel Ball or DC Super Hero Splash Ball or Splash Ball

Aquaman’s Trident (Trident of Neptune) gives Aquaman the power to rule the sea. Start a game of catch, standing close together, as each catch is successful take one step apart from each other. See if you can get all the way to opposite sides of the pool. Try not to drop the ball or Aquaman’s Trident will break. If you need to make this a little harder try and get faster as you get further apart.

splash balls_1098

Dolphins vs Sharks

You will need: an inflatable or foam Noodle

Being King of Seven Seas Aquaman looks after all the animals in the sea, but which animals Aquaman’s favourite? Sitting on the zoodle, so it is placed between your legs, decide on the distance and which of Aquaman’s sea friends you are, and RACE! Ready, Set, Go!


Collect your loyalty card today (from participating venues) and start completing the challenges to receive your Superpowered Aquaman wristband. Check out all of the participating venues on our ‘Swim Like Aquaman’ page!

Don’t forget to watch Aquaman take on Orm in cinemas December 14! We can’t wait, if you can’t either check out the teaser today!


Terms and Conditions Apply – ‘Swim Like Aquaman’ closes on 14th December (while stocks last). Only available in participating centres listed here.

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