Six Best Swimming Pool Toys for Summer 2016

Swimming pool toys are a great way of keeping kids entertained in the pool, but they aren't just for fun; here at Zoggs we have developed a fantastic range of pool toys to help develop children's swimming abilities from first splash to confident swimmer. We've put together our top games for each swimming ability this summer.

Finding Dory Little Squirts

Our Finding Dory Little Squirts are designed for little ones who are new to the water. The characters can be filled up with water which is then squirted out again. This toy is perfect for use in the bath and the pool, and will allow for children to get used to the feel of water on their skin while incorporating fun and colourful Finding Dory characters into play.DORY-PRODUCT_003-NEW v2

Splash Balls

Our Splash Balls are ideal for getting the whole family involved this summer. They can be used much like soakers to get little ones used to the feel of the water, and can also be used to play catch or race games with older children and adults. Throw these Splash Balls to the centre of the pool and race each other to see who can gather them first!splash-balls_1098

Nemo and Hank Soakers

Kids just love these Nemo and Hank Soakers, designed with characters from the
new Finding Dory film. These characters are soft to the touch and absorb water which can be squeezed out, as well as making a fun splash toy for little ones. Ideal for young children and babies who are new to being in the water, this game is perfect for helping keep little ones calm and happy as they get used to the pool environment.DORY-PRODUCT_001-NEW

 Zoggy Dive Rings

Our classic Zoggy Dive Rings game consists of 3 weighted Zoggy rings which can be thrown into the water to land at the bottom of the pool, children can race to collect them or even see if they can collect all 3 at once! Perfect for developing competent skills with fun and competition. For little ones not quite ready to put their head underwater, these rings can be placed poolside for them to swim to the edge and try to collect them the fastest.


Finding Dory Dive Sticks

Our Finding Dory Dive Sticks are perfect for building confidence in the water while incorporating fun and colourful Finding Dory characters. A great game for one or more players, children can race to collect them from the bottom of the pool. You could even give each character a different number of points and see who has the best score after 3 rounds.


Dive Balls

Our set of two Dive Balls is ideal for one or two players. Throw the weighted toys into the water and race to collect them. To make it a little more competitive you can give scores for how quickly they catch them - one point for getting them from the bottom of the pool and two points if you catch them before they reach the bottom. This game is perfect for building confidence in the water and encouraging confident swimmers to put their head underwater.


To find the perfect games and swimming aids for the whole family this summer, take a look at our Stages of Swim Development for ideal products for each stage of swim ability.