Five Best Swimming Pool Toys for Summer 2015

Swimming pool toys are not just for fun; they are also a great way to help your child become a more confident swimmer. We take a look at some of the best toys you can buy this summer for endless hours of fun in the water!

Swimming pool toys

Little Squirts

Little Squirts are designed for children who are new to the water. They suck up water before squirting it out again – a harmless, fun way for little ones to become used to the feel of being in the water. We hear from plenty of parents who use these at bath time as well as down at their local pool!

Swimming pool toys

Peppa and George Soakers

Kids love these soakers, which are based on the characters from the ever-popular Peppa Pig TV programme. They are soft to the touch, and soak up water and make a fun splash when thrown into the pool, helping younger children adapt to the water with the help of Peppa Pig during their first visits.

Swimming pool toys

Zoggs Seal Flips

Seal Flips are great for kids who are learning to swim independently. They flip over when you blow on them, helping children focus on their breathing whilst swimming. They also come in a pack of five, so there’s loads of scope to change the challenge to suit your child’s ability, and even better, avoid any sibling arguments with plenty of flips to go around!

Kids swimming toys

Zoggy Dive Sticks

Once your child is more confident at swimming independently, the next step is to help them become comfortable swimming underwater. Zoggy Dive Sticks come in a pack of four and sink slowly, making them great for an underwater treasure hunt and dive challenge. You can increase the difficulty by lining up multiple dive sticks for a single dive, or even set up dive and retrieve races for them and their friends!

Zoggs Swimming toys

Hungry Seal

These swimming pool toys are great for kids who are more confident at swimming under water. Children have to use the seal to eat up the ‘food’ on the bottom of the pool. With two in each pack, they are brilliant for a race amongst friends – a bit of healthy competition is a great way to learn! Click here to shop the fun Hungry Seal toys!

swimming pool toys

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