Swimming Goggles: Your FAQs Answered

Swimming goggles play a fantastic part in getting the most out of your swims! Here at Zoggs, we understand that whether you're buying goggles for yourself or for the whole family, it can be difficult to know exactly which goggles will best suit your swimming needs.

We've been designing and innovating swimming goggles since 1992 and want to ensure each and every swimmer finds the right goggles for them.

Here we answer some of your most frequently asked questions:

How should goggles fit?

Goggles come in all shapes and sizes with a wide range of benefits to each and every frame. In order to ensure you get the best fit, it's important to remember that the strap is only there to hold the goggles in place, not to make them watertight. If you try to turn a bad fit into a good one simply by tightening the strap, this could cause discomfort,  weaken the strap over time and cause your goggles to leak.

Before trying your goggles in the water, you should hold them to your face without the strap and check for suction. If even a split second of suction is provided then you have a strong indication of a good fit.

Key areas to focus on are the bridge of your nose and the corners of your eyes, any rubbing or discomfort in these areas will only become exaggerated once you're swimming. For more information, check out our goggle fitting guide.


close up of a woman swimming in the pool wearing tinted gogglesclose up of a woman swimming in the pool wearing tinted goggles

Do I need to wear swimming goggles?

Swimming goggles are essential for protecting your eyes from the stinging effects of chlorinated water. When children are building their confidence in water then having swimming goggles is great for encouraging them to put their face underwater without worrying about hurting their eyes.

Goggles are ideal in bright indoor light or bright outdoor conditions as these can affect your vision and cause eye fatigue. By wearing goggles with darker lenses in these brighter conditions, you are protecting your eyes from glare as well as the effects of chlorine.


Why are there different goggle lenses?

Zoggs goggles come with a wide variety of lenses which are suitable for either indoor or outdoor swimming.

If you swim mostly indoors then a clear or lightly colour tinted lens would be ideal. If you are swimming in open water or in an outdoor pool then you will need a darker lens to help reduce eye fatigue. These include mirrored and polarized lenses which offer fantastic defences from the sun's rays.

Both indoor and outdoor lenses are available for adults, juniors and kids so the whole family can achieve fantastic clarity. For adults who swim both indoors and out and don't want to have to swap goggles between swims, we even offer photochromic lenses which become tinted in brighter conditions and then clear in low level light. 

Want to know more?

Click here to find your perfect lens and goggle


collection of goggles with mirror, colour, clear and polarized lensescollection of goggles with mirror, colour, clear and polarized lenses

Why do my goggles fog up?

All Zoggs goggles have anti-fog impregnated into the lenses and should not fog up. If your goggles do fog up then it may be due to

  • A change in temperature as you enter the water
  • The goggles not you fitting properly 
  • The strap being too loose or tight (check out our goggle fitting guide)

Our top tips to avoid these issues are 

  • Dry face, dry goggle. keeping the goggle dry and as close to your body temperature as possible will reduce fogging 
  • Keeping the anti-fog solution in the goggle up by applying anti-fog before each swim
  • Be sure to find your fit for goggles (find your goggle fit here)

We would advise that you don’t rub the inside of your lenses or try to clean them with any product other than our anti-fog as this could potentially damage the lens over time.

Should I wear a cap with my goggles?

That's completely up to you! If you have longer hair then a swimming cap could help prevent your hair from becoming entangled around the strap, even by tying hair up it can sometimes still get caught. However, once your hair is wet, it's much easier to put goggles on over it. For young children learning to swim, wearing a cap under the strap of their goggles will help to ensure they are not put off swimming by their hair becoming tangled. We have a range of fabric caps which are perfect for fuss-free swimming.

Are there prescription goggles for swimming?


We offer prescription goggles which can be tailored to your needs. Available with prescription lenses for short sightedness, in a variety of dioptres ranging from -1.5 to -6, you can construct your goggle to suit your eyesight.

Simply purchase 2 lenses (one for each eye) and the strap & nosebridge set to complete your prescription swimming goggle and you're ready to go!

perscription swimming goggles perscription swimming goggles

Once you're set up with the perfect pair of goggles for you then nothing can hold you back! Here at Zoggs we always think of safety first, which is why we feature UV protection as standard in all of our goggles. With a variety of colours, shapes and styles for all ages, you're sure to find a great fit with our range of Zoggs goggles. For further information on Zoggs goggles, check out our other blogs here.