Which swimming goggle lens is best for you?

Goggles are essential in getting the most out of your swims!


We understand that when buying goggles for yourself or the family, it can be difficult to know exactly which goggles will best suit your swimming needs.

Choosing a goggle with the right lens for your swim is essential for a good swim as each lens is best suited to different conditions. 

We have a lens cheat sheet at the bottom of this blog for you to use!

Why are there different goggle lenses?

Goggles have a wide variety of lenses that filter light in different ways to enhance your swim experience. Each lens is suited to different conditions, some lenses are better for brighter conditions while others are best for low light conditions. 

It's important to find the right lens for your swim to  be sure you are getting the best out of each swim and protect your eyes.

Here is the low down of all the lenses:

collection of swimming goggles with mirror, colour, clear and polarized lensescollection of swimming goggles with mirror, colour, clear and polarized lenses

Photochromic Lens

The photochromic lens reacts to the light it is exposed to (lightens and brightens when it gets darker and gets darker in high levels of light). This is particularly good for swimming at sunrise or sunset or if there are light changes throughout your swim.

Photochromic lenses can be used in both indoors and outdoors due to the reactive lens.

Our photochromic lens is polarized which is great for brightening and providing clarity in all conditions.

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Polarized Ultra Lens

A Polarized Ultra lens is perfect for both indoor and outdoor swimming. The polarization of the lens means that glare from the sun is significantly reduced. The yellow tint to the lens brightens your surroundings both above and under the water.

The Polarized Ultra lens is perfect for swimming in high levels of light and direct sunlight

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Titanium Lens

Titanium lenses (also often referred to as a mirror lens) are ideal for high levels of light. The reflective front of the lens (the shiny mirror looking part) is key in reducing high levels of glare reflecting off the water.

These lenses are best for swimming outdoors as the titanium is perfect for reflecting the glare off the top of the water but are often too dark for swimming indoors (polarised ultra, colour tinted and clear are best for this).

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Smoke Lens

A smoke lens gives medium protection against the sun and bright light. It is great for changeable outdoor conditions and everyday training. Smoke lens is best for outdoor swimming people often find it too dark to use when swimming indoors

If you are swimming in areas with lots of glare we would recommend a titanium or Polarised Ultra lens.

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Colour tinted lens

Colour tinted lenses come in a range of colours and filter light to best suit your swim. These lenses are great for both indoor and low light outdoor conditions. The colour tint offers medium protection against the sun while still having great clarity in the water.

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Clear lenses

A clear lens is a great all-rounder lens which gives maximum clarity while providing great visibility above and below the water. The clear lens is best suited for low light and indoor conditions.

While a clear lens does not block out glare at Zoggs all of our goggles have a base level UV protection of UV360 to ensure your eyes are always protected from the sun.

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Once you're set up with the perfect pair of goggles for you then nothing can hold you back! Here at Zoggs we always think of safety first, which is why we feature UV protection as standard in all of our goggles. With a variety of colours, shapes and styles for all ages, you're sure to find a great fit with our range of Zoggs goggles.


For more information on lenses, check out our lens tech cheat sheet below

swimming goggle lens colour guideswimming goggle lens colour guide