Swimming Pool Games to Keep the Kids Entertained on Holiday

TSwimming pool toys for kidsaking the little one’s on holiday this year? Then give them a trip to remember with plenty of fun, family games that will keep everyone entertained in the pool and, of course, plenty of ice-cream when you take a break from it!
Here are just a few suggestions for swimming pool toys and games that you and the kids can have fun with:

Hide and Seek

From peekaboo with babies to a full-blown treasure hunt with older children, any variation on the classic family game of hide and seek is always a crowd pleaser.
Whether you choose to hide under the water and let little ones find you, or use fun toys like our Zoggy Dive Sticks or Dive Balls. Ask them to look away while you hide them around the sides of the pool or drop them to a depth they can comfortably swim to, this is a game your kids will love.

Balls Games

Learning to throw and catch is great for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills but in the water, it’s simply a lot more fun!

  • Using small splash balls or any little squirty toy, line up little ones on the poolside and see if they can throw the items through the centre of an inflatable ring.
  • Two players can start a game of catch in the centre of the pool and take one step towards the edge with each successful catch. The first person to reach the side is the winner.
  • Just enjoy a good old fashioned game of piggy in the middle!  

Mermaids and Sharks

Kids love a little make-believe and the pool is the perfect place to become a mermaid or shark! This kind of roleplay is great fun but it can also help little ones learn how to manage their breathing and swim underwater.
You will find a selection of fun and colourful swimwear in our children’s range, along with the goggles, snorkels and flippers they’ll need to lose themselves in some imaginative pool play.

Splashy Races

Children can be competitive and will love any opportunity to beat siblings or parents in a splashy race across the pool, but don’t rely on conventional swim strokes, make those races fun with wacky moves and pool toys.

  • Get little ones to jump or hop from one side of the shallow end in the pool to the other. The winner is the first one who climbs out of the pool and stands on the side like a starfish.
  • Split the family into two teams and complete a relay race using a beach ball or a fun inflatable noodle as a baton.
  • Give older children a lilo or another inflatable to sit on and get them to paddle their way across the pool.

These are just a handful of suggestions but with a few, well-chosen toys and a good imagination you can turn any holiday pool-time into hours of fun, family entertainment. More tips and advice about swimming with little ones is available in our Life in The fun Lane Blog.
Explore our range of swimwear and find the ideal pool toys for your child’s ability within our Stages of Development. Order yours online, pack them along with your sunscreen and flip-flops and you’ll arrive at your holiday destination ready for all the fun of the pool!