Support Mental Health Awareness Week

Today saw the Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Ennis-Hill, David Harewood and Dame Judi Dench launch #MentalHealthMinute for Heads Together. At 10:59am 300 radio UK radio stations came together to broadcast a one minute message in a historic moment for Mental Health Awareness Week. The world famous voices came together to let everyone know, it's alright to say how you're feeling whatever you're going through. Not just during Mental Health Awareness Week but anytime.

The Mental Health Foundation, home of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek, is focusing on how we all cope with stress this year. Their most recent report looked at how stress affects us and what we can do to manage, reduce and prevent it for our mental and physical health and wellbeing. You can read more on the benefits of swimming here.

Swimming is just one of the ways to manage the effects of stress as it releases endorphins - feel good hormones that increase positivity and bring a sense of wellbeing and happiness. It's also believed swimming can reduce stress more than other forms of exercise as it can be relaxing and reduce anxiety. You can swim by yourself or head to the pool or the beach with a friend in tow.


MHFA England is supporting Mental Health Week with an #addressyourstress toolkit. This contains an interactive tool, GIF's, film clips, graphics, support badges and social media posts like the one below. You can also support Mental Health Week by ordering a green ribbon pin badge from the Mental Health Foundation.