Swimathon Q&A with Marie Curie Ambassador and Team GB swimmer: Ellie Faulkner

Swimathon, the world’s largest fundraising swim, returns to swimming pools across the UK on 7-9 April 2017 with Zoggs as the Official Swim Brand Partner.

Ellie Faulkner standing next to a pool as the Swimathon and Marie Curie Ambassador

On Wednesday 1st March, Swimathon participants got the fantastic opportunity to put their swimming questions to the talented Olympic swimmer Ellie Faulkner.

The Team GB star answered questions on training, nutrition, pacing and even how she keeps her hair so blonde whilst subjecting it to a lot of Chlorine! In case you missed it, here are some of Ellie fantastic tips and responses from the Q&A event.

Senga: What do you eat to keep you going in a long swim?

Ellie: “I try to eat a high carbohydrate meal, for example pasta or a jacket potato and then mix with rice or beans. It's important to stay hydrated too - remember to drink lots of liquids beforehand such as fruit cordial.”

Swimathon Image, Girl looking down her lane while adjusting her goggles

Daisy: Any tips for maintaining focus during a long swim? Is it best to stick to one stroke or alternate between crawl and breaststroke perhaps?

Ellie: “It really depends on what you would like to achieve. Front crawl is going to be the fastest stroke, so for the fastest time I would stick with that. However, alternating strokes is a good way to keep things interesting during a longer swim.”

Sarah: My 9-year-old daughter who is doing her first Swimathon would like to know, what tips do you have to pace yourself?

Ellie: “It's very exciting that your daughter will be taking part in her first Swimathon! I would advise not to start too hard and try to do longer strokes, and then push yourself for the last part of the challenge.”

Victoria: A somewhat trivial question, but how do you maintain healthy blonde hair when subjecting it to so much chlorine?

Ellie: "I just make sure I brush it often and wash it after every swim. Unfortunately, no secret tips! "

Bradford Marie Curie Hospice: What advice would you give someone taking part in Swimathon for the very first time this year?

Ellie: “Just remember to stay relaxed, enjoy the swim, and don't put too much pressure on yourself. You'll do great!”

A lady swimming through the water in a modern aztec scoopback and venus goggles

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