Making Swimming Fun

4 surprising ways to make swimming fun

For most of us, working out regularly on top of life’s other demands can be hard work, and let’s face it, not always a barrel of laughs.

But, we’ve got some good news, we’ve put together some ways to make the session feel a bit more fun. Showing up in confidence-boosting swimwear can put the fun back into swimming and may even make you discover your inner athlete.

In fact, adding a dose of fun to your swim can help promote the release of happy hormones; serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. Here are four ways to smash your next swim with a big old grin on your face…


1. Find your Tribe

Making your swim session more of a social occasion can help keep you motivated and make front crawl a hell of a lot more fun. We all know that training with a partner can mean we put in more effort, but finding your Tribe can also create a team spirit that you don’t get from solo sessions.

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2. Spruce up your kit

There’s something very satisfying about putting on new swimwear or a fresh pair of goggles. Our extensive range of swimwear and goggles has something for every swimmer; from goggles and swimwear to nose clips and towels, you’ll find everything you need on So, whether you’re a leisure swimmer looking for a new goggle companion or an open water warrior who’s swimdrobe needs brightening up, Zoggs has you covered.


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3. Make a day of it

Encouraging family or friends to join you for a swim is a great way to keep your swims feeling fresh and injects a bit of fun!

To help them look the part, why not kit out your whole family with our amazing sustainable swimwear.

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4. Mix it up

Imagine having exactly the same meals or listening to the same one album on loop every day. Groundhog day, much? Same goes for swimming.


Mixing up your swim style or even location can help you stay motivated and could even spark a new love for a different style of swimming (backstroke might take a bit more than that…). If you’re a pool swimmer, mix up your venue or even brave the outdoors to avoid your usual one becoming stagnant. Then, you can mix up your Zoggs swimkit too.

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