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  1. Just say no to plastic!
    Just say no to plastic!

    Just say no to plastic!

    The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) is the UK’s leading charity for the protection of our seas, shores and wildlife. For over thirty years MCS has worked to ensure our seas are healthy, pollution free and protected. The charity has been the voice for all the fascinating creatures that live beneath the waves, for our breath-taking coastlines, for those who make a sustainable living from the sea and for anyone who loves our beautiful beaches. In this post, MCS shares why everyone should say no to single use plastic.

    "Just recently, 15,000 volunteers picked up 305,958 bits of litter from UK beaches during our annual Great British Beach Clean. That’s a whole lot of litter and most of it was tiny pieces of plastic that had once been bigger – bottles, bags, cartons, containers – items that have for decades been swirling around in the currents, breaking down into smaller and smaller pieces but never entirely going away.

    A lot of people are more aware of the plastic crisis we’re in. It’s not surprising that the Word of the Year (Collins Dictionary says) for 2018 is “single-use”, we’ve heard it so many times in the news and on our screens. It comes from the shocking fact that much of the plastic things we use and turn to rubbish are used just once.

    Single-use plastic – our friend for so long, is now the enemy. More and more of us are using re-usable water bottles and coffee cups, many of us are refusing straws or not being offered them at the bar at all, we’re converts to bags for life, we can no longer buy gels and potions with microbeads in and cotton bud sticks with plastic stems are becoming as rare as hens' teeth.


    Hand picking up plastic bottle cleaning on the beach."Campaign to clean.Save the world Hand picking up plastic bottle cleaning on the beach."Campaign to clean.Save the world


    There’s so much more we can do! Buy things to last. Ditch fast fashion. Microfibres – tiny synthetic threads shed from cheap clothing – are ending up in our seas. Buy clothes made from natural fibres. Go retro, go second-hand but don’t go disposable. Stopping the plastic tide isn’t all about bottles and bags – a bit of thinking outside the box can go a long way to turn the plastic tide.

    Another word that means much the same thing as “single-use” is “disposable”, found on the labels of goods like cleaning wipes, nappies, cameras, razors, food pouches, cutlery, party dresses, raincoats, tents… the list goes on, and seems to be growing.

    We really need to see much less new plastic being made and sold, especially for items that are used for a short time, or hardly used at all – coffee can be stirred with a steel teaspoon, and lemonade sipped without a straw. Disposable just isn't disposable!"

    To find out more about the brilliant work the Mari

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  2. New Year's Day swims 2019
    New Year's Day swims 2019

    New Year's Day swims 2019

    If you don't fancy one of the festive dips taking place on Christmas Day or Boxing Day, why not take to the water on New Years Day instead. There are plenty of open water swims taking place up and down the country,

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  3. The best festive swims 2018
    The best festive swims 2018

    The best festive swims 2018

    It's a highlight in the swimming calendar seeing the swims that take place over the festive period. Whether it's Christmas Day, Boxing Day or indeed New Year's Day, it's a great way to dress up and raise money for charity. Here are just some of the Christmas Day and Boxing Day swims

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  4. Winter sale offers for all the family
    Winter sale offers for all the family

    Winter sale offers for all the family

    The Zoggs winter sale is now on with huge discounts off seasonal swimwear for women, men and kids. Here are just a few of our top offers, see the full range here.


    Pina Colada Starback - reduced to £10. Add a splash of the Tropics to your swims with our Pina Colada Starback Swimsuit, featuring bold pineapple and leaf prints. With a front lining for modesty and added support and open Starback design, you can enjoy optimum performance from this vibrant little number.

    1054181_Pina Colada Starback_38966 copy_24

    Soft Nature Bikini Top - reduced to £9. This Halter Top is perfect for those of you that love the sun, sea and sand. It features fixed foam cups so you can look great knowing there won't be any slips while you swim. Available in our super soft, quick drying and chlorine resistant Hydrolife™ fabric it lasts over 200 pool hours. Pair it with the Soft Nature Hipster brief.

    Soft nature halter

    Mens mid Cairns Jammer - reduced to £15. The Cairns Mid Jammer is designed for speed to help you get your glide on. The leg length is shorter than our standard jammer so you can enjoy freedom of movement in the water. Made with Aqualast™ fabric, these jammers are chlorine proof, snag proof and thousands of laps proof!


    Mystic Mandala Crossback - reduced to £21. Designed for feeling great and swimming comfortably, this crossback swimsuit has a built in shelf bra with fixed foam cups for a little extra lift and support.

    Mystic mandala

    Men's Penrith shorts - reduced to £4.50. Our Penrith 17" Shorts offer an elasticated drawstring waist for a customised fit. Ideal for regular swimming and holidays alike. What's more they have two external side pockets and a back pocket for those swimming essentials.

    mens penrith pink

    Bridge Actionback - reduced £9.50. This swimsuit is right on trend with vibrant pink and contrasting grey tones. With a supportive two tone back panel, it has a shelf bra for light support and a high neckline for reduced drag. The thick straps provided added comfort and the high neckline reduces drag.

    Bridge Actionback_Fusion Air smoke 319755 (RGB)_24

    Breeze Muscle two piece - reduced to £10. You can take colour to an 11 out of 10 with this bright Aztec design. Working just as well by the lounger as it does by the pool or at the gym, this bikini has a shelf bra in the sporty top.

    Breeze Muscle 2 peice 3

    Soft Nature Hi Front - reduced to £10. This Hi Front swimsuit is an absolute must-have for the pool or the beach. With its high neckline, the shelf bra is built in for light support. There's an open back for freedom of movement with a back clip making taking it on and off a breeze.

    Soft Nature

    Aqua Reef Modesty Suit - reduced to £25. This modesty suit is a three-piece in our Casuarina panel design. The top has a shelf bra and it's designed to cover the torso - ties attach the top and the trousers and buttons to affix the headpiece.

    Aquareef modesty

    Sacred Craft Bruny Ruch Front - reduced to £24. This is the ideal little black swimsuit (also available in pink) with adjustable straps for a customised fit and bust support. With a front lining and fixed foam cups, it has a low leg and a high classic back for coverage.

    1148140_Bruny Ruch Front_38382 copy_24

    Latino Love Side Panel - reduced to £27. The panel design on this swimsuit is super flattering and features an empire line to enhance the waist. With fixed foam cups, it has great bust support and adjustable straps.


    Sacred Craft X Front Scoopback - reduced to £21. With diagonal panelling, this swimsuit offers monochrome chic and in a flattering shape. It has fixed foam cups and a tummy control panel for excellent support along with a high scoopback for comfort.


    Aquareef Trinity swimsuit - reduced to £11. With its crossover twistback, this swimsuit provides a flattering addition to that swim wardrobe. It has exceptional bust support and fixed foam cups along with a discreet tummy control panel.

    Trinity Twistback

    Predator Flex Polarized Ultra - reduced to £22. Ideal for the pool or the open water (perhaps when it gets warmer) are these Predator Flex Polarized Ultra goggles. With the latest Ultra Fit gasket, these goggles have been designed to reduce pressure around the eyes as well as being comfortable. The lenses filter out blue light to eliminate glare in bright conditions. These goggles also have UV protection, Fogbuster™ anti-fog and CLT™ Curved Lens Technology.

    Predator flex polarised ultra

    Venus swimming goggles - reduced to £8. The Venus goggles are designed for swimmers with smaller faces. The hypo-allergenic Soft-Seal™ frame moulds to the face for a superb fit and there's an easy adjust strap mechanism to hold them in place. The lenses provide 180 degree peripheral vision and there's Fogbuster™ anti-fog and maximum UV protection. Ideal for every day training.



    Junior Saber Jett Jammer - reduced to £12.50. These Saber Jett Jammers with their all over graffiti inspired print are part of our Toggs range. Designed to stand out, they have a v front lining, drawstring waist and they're made from ocean waste!

    Saber Jett Jammer

    Paradise Flyback - reduced to £10. With an open flyback for flexibility, this swimsuit is ideal for children aged 6-15 - the thick straps provide added freedom of movement.


    Tiger Jett Jammer - reduced to £12.50. With a bold tiger print down one leg, these jammers certainly take colour to a ten out of 11! Made from our new Ecolast fabric, they have a v front lining for modesty and a drawstring waist for comfort.

    Tiger Jett jammer

    Kitch Chaos Sprintback - reduced to £9. Add a splash of colour to their swims with this sprintback, perfect for freedom of movement. The aqua-dynamic fit will ensure they fly through the water. What's more the Kitch Chaos is made from our Hydrolife™ fabric which lasts over 200 pool hours. kitch chaos sprintback

    Boys Coorong shorts - reduced to £5. Designed for fun in the water, these trunks come with a mesh lining and drawstring waist so they can stay comfortable for hours and hours.

    Coorong shorts

    Junior Sharkonator Hip Racer - reduced to £9. These trunks are made from our Aqualast™ fabric which is chlorine and snag proof. Perfect for Juniors who love freedom of movement in the water and having fun.

    sharkonater hip

    Phantom Junior Goggles - reduced to £8. These goggles mould to the contours of the face and have a Soft-Seal™ hypo-allergenic frame to give a 'second skin'. With lightly tinted lenses, they're ideal for low level light or overcast conditions - ideal for swimming lessons. The Phantom Junior goggles also have Fogbuster™ anti-fog, a durable split-yoke strap and a quick adjust system.

    phantom junior 1


    Holiday Classicback - reduced to £7. Designed for children aged 1-6, this swimsuit has slim straps to make changing easier, a bow detail and high back and a ruffle neckline for additional coverage.

    Holiday Classicback

    Boxer Dog Pogo Mini Jammers - reduced to £3.50. With a fun and colourful design, these Pogo Mini Jammers are made from Elastomax providing little swimmers with comfort and stretch.

    Boxer dog main

    Octopus Fever Spliced Mini Jammer - reduced to £4. Designed for children aged 1-6, these jammers have octopus print panels and a longer leg for a little extra coverage.


    Holiday scoopback - reduced to £7.50. With a pretty flower and stripe print, this scoopback has thick straps for added comfort to make changing easier.

    holiday scoopback

    Ikat Frill Classicback - reduced to £9. With a frill detail on the straps, a high neckline and narrow straps for easy changing, this Ikat Frill Classicback will keep young children comfortable at the pool.

    Ikat Yaroomba

    Deep Sea Floatsuit - reduced to £14. The ideal learn to swim aid with removable floats which can be altered depending on ability. A great way to build water confidence and encourage a natural swimming position. Deep sea Learn to Swim Floatsuit_24

    Little Swirl swimming goggles - reduced to £5. Ideal for young children learning to swim, these goggles have an adjustable nose bridge for a customised fit. They also have clear lenses, Fogbuster™ anti-fog and maximum UV protection.

    Little swirl goggles

    Zoggy Trainer Seat - reduced to £10. The Zoggs Trainer Seats are a great way to get babies used to the water. With Easy Inflate™ valves, it's easy to inflate and deflate. Buoyancy is evenly distributed so the seat is stable and there's a pillow back for ultimate comfort!


    Zoggy Dive Sticks - reduced to £10 for 4 sticks. One of our most popular games, Zoggy Dive Sticks are a great way to build water confidence. Children can play the dive and retrieve game which involves finding dive sticks from the bottom of the pool.

    dive st

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  5. Christmas gift ideas for superheroes
    Christmas gift ideas for superheroes

    Christmas gift ideas for superheroes

    We all strive to be a superhero don't we? Our new DC Super Heroes collection is a great way to encourage children (and adults) to be water confident whether they're learning to swim or perfecting their technique. Here are a few gift ideas for Kids (up to 6) and Juniors (6-15) who love Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman.

    Buoyancy aids

    Our Wonder Woman Water Wings Vest (for children aged 1-5 years) has fixed buoyancy and encourages a natural swimming position. It's a great way to get young children used to using their arms and legs in the water and build water confidence. With a neoprene body and super soft sleeves, the foam floats sewn into the arms and shoulders provide great buoyancy and freedom of movement. There's a zip at the back and a tab to hold it in place so the vest cannot be removed in the pool. Also available as Batman or Superman.


    Our DC Super Heroes armbands are ideal for children aged 2-6 years. The Batman armbands (Wonder Woman and Superman also available) are made from Vylux™ and have dual air chambers with Easy Inflate™ valves. Having adjustable buoyancy encourages children to swim more and build their confidence.


    Swimwear for children under 6

    These Superman Water Shorts are ideal for kids under 6. With a drawstring waist and mesh lining, they're designed for comfort in or out of the pool. Made from our soft, quick lining and chlorine resistant Durafeel™ fabric, they last over 750 hours of pool swimming.

    superman shorts crop

    Or what about this adorable Wonder Woman Swimdress? Featuring the unmistakable Wonder Woman motif, it has a star print skirt layer and crossover straps so kids can have fun in the water with their favourite superhero.

    Swimdress crop

    How cool are these Batman Printed Water Shorts? There's a drawstring waist for a customised fit and a mesh lining for added comfort. They even have handy side pockets. Made from our super soft, quick drying and chlorine resistant Durafeel™ fabric, lasting over 750 hours of pool swimming. If you're looking for protection while they're in the sun, these water shorts can be paired with our Batman Long Sleeved Sun Top with UPF 50+ sun protection.

    Batman printed shorts crop

    This Wonder Woman Actionback is ideal for young heroines. A vibrant swimsuit with an open back that's not only comfortable but offers great flexibility. What's more it can be paired with the Wonder Woman Long Sleeved Sun Top which offers maximum protection in and out of the pool.

    wonder woman actionback

    Swimwear for 6-14 year olds

    For Juniors, top of our Christmas list has to be these Aquaman Jammers. Aquaman is the latest superhero to join our DC Super Heroes collection. These jammers mould to the contours of the body to create a smooth, hydrodynamic silhouette in the water. They're also v front lined for comfort and have a drawstring tie waist for a customised fit.

    Aquaman jammer crop

    Batman fans can set the pace in these Junior Boys Batman Jammers. An ideal way for adding a splash of fun to swims, they have a drawstring waist and front lining for a comfortable fit. The close fit is a must-have for getting them to swim with their favourite superhero. And it can be paired with the Batman Printed Long Sleeve Sun Top with UPF 50+ sun protection.


    For Junior girls, why not dive into the fun lane in the Batman Sprintback swimsuit? It has slim straps providing an aqua-dynamic fit and the open back offers freedom of movement in the water.



    Designed for children aged 1-6, our Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman printed goggles have lenses with UV360 sun protection, Fogbuster™ anti-fog and a blue tinted design. The Soft-Seal™ hypo-allergenic frame moulds to the face for a superb fit, while the split-yoke strap is perfect for reducing pressure around the eyes.

    Printed goggles crop

    The Aquaman Kids Printed Goggles are designed for children aged from 6-14 years of age. The blue tinted lenses offer UV360 sun protection and Fogbuster anti-fog for great vision. There's a Soft-Seal hypo-allergenic frame that moulds to the face for a superb fit and the split-yoke strap is ideal for reducing pressure around the eyes.

    Aquaman goggles crop

    To stand out from the crowd, our Batman Hologram Goggles for Juniors have fun hologram lenses with Batman logo eyes (no vision distortion). They offer maximum UV protection and Fogbuster anti-fog for fuss-free swimming. These goggles also have a Soft-Seal hypo-allergenic frame that moulds to the contours of the face. You can still purchase the Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman character goggles too.

    Batman hologram crop


    We have a selection of great DC Super Heroes pool games suitable for children who are looking to build their water confidence or improve their swimming skills. These include our squeezy Splashems (Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman) for children aged 3 and up and our DC Super Heroes Gel Dive Balls (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman) which stay afloat.

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  6. Zoggs wins Warner Brothers retail activation award
    Zoggs wins Warner Brothers retail activation award

    Zoggs wins Warner Brothers retail activation award

    Warner Brothers Consumer Products hosted an event in London for its partners yesterday. We got to celebrate their successes of 2018 as well as having a sneak peek at what’s coming up in 2019/2020.

    We’ve worked with Warner Brothers over the past couple of years on our DC Super Heroes collection. The range includes Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and most recently Aquaman with swimwear, learn to swim products, goggles, training and accessories designed for all the family. You can view the current DC Super Heroes collection here. Warner Brothers also shared their consumer product award winners.

    We’re delighted to win the retail activation category and be a finalist in the newcomer category.

    Retail activation award - Warner Brothers re-sized

    Recent activity has included a Batman selfie stand in 260 leisure centres, a Swim Like Aquaman loyalty scheme at 230 sites and a DC Super Heroes event at Coral Reef Waterworld. These were a success thanks to the combined team efforts of the entire Zoggs team and we’re immensely proud.

    We’re looking forward to working with Warner Brothers in the future – creating future opportunities, pushing the boundaries and being a

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  7. Stocking filler ideas for adult swimmers
    Stocking filler ideas for adult swimmers

    Stocking filler ideas for adult swimmers

    You might think stocking fillers are just for children but everyone loves a surprise. Here are just a few gift ideas for the grown-up swimmers in your life whether they be lane swimmers, open water swimmers or triathletes.


    Swimming is for

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