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  1. The Zoggs Swimming Cap Guide
    The Zoggs Swimming Cap Guide

    The Zoggs Swimming Cap Guide

    If you're considering a swimming cap for the pool but don't know where to start, our handy guide will help find the perfect cap for you! We answer the most common questions when it comes to the essential swimming hat...

    Swimming Cap

    Why Do You Need to Wear a Swimming Cap?

    Caps have a number of benefits in the pool. Firstly, they keep long hair tidy, neat and under control so that it doesn't clog up the pool filters and for this reason, some pools will insist that swimmers wear swim caps. They also help protect hair against the damaging effects of chlorine after sustained use, and they are also great for competitive swimmers who are looking to minimise drag at all costs. A well-fitting swimming cap will keep hair out of your eyes and help to keep it dry. Additionally, if you swim outdoors or in open water, a swimming cap is essential because of the insulating properties it offers.

    What Is the Best Swim Cap Material?

    There are a variety of different materials, and each will suit a different need. Lycra or Fabric swimming hats are light and ideal for showing membership of a club or team, and although they don't keep your hair dry, they do keep it off your face. Silicone swim caps are high-quality and durable. Silicone caps are also available in different sizes to reflect their lesser stretch and are favourites for competitions, where drag minimisation is key.

    Tips for Putting Your Swim Cap On

    It can be tricky to get a swimming cap onto your head, especially if it's new and you have a lot of hair. But you do need a close-fitting model to keep your hair dry and prevent leaks. A light dusting of talcum powder can often help, and if you have long or curly hair, leave it down and then tuck it in at the end to maintain a good seal. Hold the cap at its sides and put your head down, placing it over your forehead first and working backwards. If you are struggling, look for alternative material caps or different sizes.

    Swimming Hats for Children

    Kids' swimming caps are sized for smaller heads for a secure fit and now come in a range bright colours and designs, which is great for aiding visibility in the pool.Swimming hats for children also help to keep little ones warm in the water, which is useful on colder days. Many swim classes also now insist pupils wear a swimming cap for the above reasons.

    Shop the full range of adult and kids swimming caps on offer at Zoggs today!

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  2. Choosing the right swimming costume for your shape
    Choosing the right swimming costume for your shape

    Choosing the right swimming costume for your shape

    Selecting the right swimsuit to flatter your shape can be a lot easier if you understand the basic principles of body types. Typically, female body shapes are broadly categorised into a series of characteristics and understanding

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