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  1. Introducing Zoggs Wetsuits
    Introducing Zoggs Wetsuits

    Introducing Zoggs Wetsuits

    Zoggs are pleased and proud to announce the launch of their brand new range of wetsuits.

    New to the triathlon and open water market in 2015, the Zoggs wetsuit features their unique Flex Technology concept giving unrivaled comfort and fit that Zoggs already provide in their unparalleled range of Predator Flex goggles. The Zoggs wetsuit has been designed to provide total flexibility to reduce fatigue and improve performance.

    The Flex Technology allows for super flexibility in the upper body for an uninhibited range of stroke motion. To illustrate this, Zoggs have used the ‘X’ print graphics to highlight specific technology areas. They have also used the ‘X’ to create a clear naming strategy for the price points to help the consumer better understand the range.

    The range consists of 3 Zoggs wetsuits (The FX1, FX2 and FX3) for men, in sizes XS, S, M, ML, L, XL and for women, in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL.

    Unparalleled Flexibility for Men (Black/Yellow) and Unparalleled Flexibi

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  2. Zoggs making waves for Marie Curie
    Zoggs making waves for Marie Curie

    Zoggs making waves for Marie Curie

    As official swim brand partner, Zoggs are proud, once again, to support Swimathon in 2015 – the world’s biggest fundraising swim - which will see thousands of swimmers making waves and raising funds  for Marie Curie by challenging themselves through 5k, 2.5k and 1.5k individual challenges or Team 5k and 1.5k challenges.

    Zoggs Marie Curie (1)

    Zoggs will be promoting the event at over 600 pools throughout the UK, supplying every swimmer with a swimming cap and making available limited edition Marie Curie swimming goggles in blue and yellow. As Swimathon is for swimmers of all ages and abilities, the goggles will be available in both adult and junior sizes and appropriately named ‘Hero Adult’ and ‘Hero Junior’ so that everyone taking part can be a real hero by making waves to support Marie Curie.

    Zoggs will be donating £1 to Marie Curie from the sale of every pair of the limited edition Marie Curie goggles.

    The goggles will be available from participating leisure centres, sports retailers nationwide and and presented in eye catching packaging and housed in a matching counter top display unit.

    It’s a perfect fit for Zoggs as we are passionate about swimming, so being able to get involved in an event like this, which not

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  3. Introducing the Predator Flex Titanium Reactor for 2015
    Introducing the Predator Flex Titanium Reactor for 2015

    Introducing the Predator Flex Titanium Reactor for 2015

    New for 2015 is the Predator Flex Titanium Reactor, the very latest swimming goggle release from Zoggs, incorporating the very latest

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  4. Zoggs sponsor "Swim Zone" at 2015 Swim Expo
    Zoggs sponsor "Swim Zone" at 2015 Swim Expo

    Zoggs sponsor "Swim Zone" at 2015 Swim Expo

    Zoggs will be showcasing at the Swim Expo, taking place at Event City in Manchester  from the 20th to the 22th March.  Whether you’re a novice swimmer looking for advice or an elite athlete seeking the best swim kit available, the Swim Expo is the only place you can try and buy all the very best brands involved in Swimming.



    As a show exhibitor Zoggs are proud to host the SwimZone, which will be the feature of their action packed stand and which was the most rated highlight of the show in 2014.

    Their presence will centre around an impressive endless pool with dual propulsion enabling two swimmers to swim at the same time but with separately controlled swim currents.

    The country’s leading swim coaches will be utilizing the Zoggs endless pool, including Zoggs ambassador, Adam Walker, who will be running technical swim stroke sessions for visitors to analyse swim technique and stroke efficiency.

    Zoggs product experts will also be on hand to introduce not only their new, first to market, revolutionary goggles for 2015, but also their brand new range of wetsuits.

    Zoggs invite you to visit, be fitted in the correct goggles and wet

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  5. 10 Reasons to take up Open Water Swimming!
    10 Reasons to take up Open Water Swimming!

    10 Reasons to take up Open Water Swimming!

    For many of us, a new year means a new set of challenges, goals and resolutions to accomplish in 2015!

    Open water swimming has becoming increasingly popular, with people all over the country taking to inland lakes, rivers and canals as well as the open sea to test their swimming strength.

    If you’re thinking of taking a leap from the comfort of your local pool to the tests of the open water in 2015, Adam Walker, Zoggs ‘Open Water Swimming Ambassador and the first Briton to complete the testing “Ocean's seven” challenge, has kindly shared some of his top reasons for taking on the trials and tribulations of this exhilarating form of exercise….

    1. Open Space!
    With no pool walls or lanes, you can swim in your own space and at your own pace without the concern of anyone tapping at your heels.

    2. Expanding your social circle
    The social benefits are great! There are countless groups of open water swimmers throughout the country who get together on a regular basis to enjoy a nice (cold) dip. Find a club near you by visiting:

    3. Being at one with nature
    It’s pretty exhilarating to experience nature at its best in the open water. The below video says it all….

    4. Physically and mentally challenging
    Acclimatising to the cold temperatures of the open water is pretty testing – pushing you both physically and mentally! The heat loss from your skin can be up to 70 times greater than air of equal temperature, therefore training your body's cold responses is sometimes as much of an achievement as completing the swim itself! For beginners, wetsuits are recommended to help adjust to the waters temperature and improve buoyancy.

    5. Increase Energy
    Cold water boosts energy levels, nerve endings stand up and your heart starts racing - it is the best possible way to get a natural high!

    6. Weight loss
    When your body is exposed to cold, it requires more heat to warm you up. Therefore, to do so your body has to process more energy, helping you burn fat more efficiently and increase your metabolism.

    7. Minimise Pain
    Cold water immersion is a healing technique used among amateur and professional athletes to help with injury and muscle pain. Swimming in such cold water temperatures can have the same desired effect, helping to minimise pain if you have an injury – reducing chronic pain, body aches and inflammation. The harsh temperatures can also help regulate the nervous system and improve overall circulation.

    8. Immune

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  6. Zoggs sponsor the "Swim Zone" at the 220 Triathlon Show 2015
    Zoggs sponsor the "Swim Zone" at the 220 Triathlon Show 2015

    Zoggs sponsor the "Swim Zone" at the 220 Triathlon Show 2015

    Once again, demonstrating their continued support of triathlon, Zoggs will be sponsoring the entire swim zone at The 220 Triathlon Show at Sandown Park in Surrey(27th February to 1st March

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