Kids Goggle Selector


For early water explorers!

Your beginner swimmer is new to wearing something on their face! A mask offers a less intrusive fit and makes it easier for their teacher to see their eyes - allowing for better engagement in the pool.


For the little learner!

Your child is becoming independant in the water. Our best-selling learn to swim goggle offers a fantastic fit, allowing them to develop their underwater confidence without hinderance. 


For family fun!

Your little swimmer loves to make a splash. At the pool or on the beach, this easy to adjust goggle gets the kids in the water in no time - the only trouble will be getting them out!

Is your little one starting their learn to swim journey? It is important to make the first experience of the water enjoyable, comfortable and happy. Finding the perfect fitting goggles can be an important part of this experience. A great fitting goggle allows your little one to relax and enjoy the water. With our kids range focussing on 0 - 6 year olds, these goggles all about comfort and ease of fit to ensure there are no distractions from their time in the water. Let's get your perfect fitting goggle so you and your little one can enjoy your swim. Below is a few of Zoggs favourites where we talk through the features of the goggles. What are you waiting for? Check out the range today!


Little Bondi

 Nothing will get in the way of your little one's swim with the Little Bondi goggles. With lots of colour to brighten up their swim, the Little Bondi also offers great comfort and features, ready for your little one's first swim.

•  Split yoke strap - being silicone the headstrap does not only provide great comfort but gives a secure goggle fit.

•  Slide adjustment - bored of making those mid lesson goggle adjustments, even if you do this slide adjustment will make it quick and easy so they don't have to miss a minute.


Full of Features


•  Clear lenses - providing maximum visibility in low light/ indoor conditions.

•  Zoggs favourite features - anti fog and UV Protection

At only £10 this is a great goggle to kickstart their swimming journey and grow with them. They will be powering up and down the lanes in no time.



Little Ripper

Let your little one make a splash with our Little Ripper goggles. Designed with a whole range of features these goggles provide comfort and support as they begin swimming journey.
• Split yoke strap - being silicone the headstrap does not only provide great comfort but gives a secure goggle fit.
• Slide adjustment - makes it quick and easy to get the perfect fit for those last minute goggle adjustments.

More details...

• Tinted Lenses - in blue or pink - these help when swimming indoor and outdoors, making them not only a great goggle for lessons, but also for those long awaited holidays whether your on a staycation or heading abroad.
• Zoggs favourite features - anti fog and UV Protection.
At £6.50 the Little Ripper is great value for a goggle that will help build your little one's confidence in the water.