Junior Goggle Selector

Are you bored of adjusting your little ones goggles during that swimming lesson? Or looking to help them to move into the next swim stage? You need to find the perfect goggles! Our junior goggle range is designed for 6-14 year olds. All junior goggles help are support kids through their journey from learning to swim to becoming a confident swimmer. We have picked out some of our favourites of the range to help you discover the features and benefits of each goggle...


For the budding swim star!

Your enthusiastic swimmer will soon be stepping things up a lane. An added level of comfort and fit is required as they begin to swim further and faster!


For the swim student!

Your junior swimmer will soon posses the competance to swim full lengths un-assisted. A funky but reliable goggle makes lessons exciting and allows them to focus on improving their technique.


For the early learner!

Your aspiring swimmer is moving past the playing stage and is now developing basic swim skills. A great fitting goggle is essential to keep them keen to learn.


Phantom 2.0 Goggles


Introducing the ultimate all-rounder Phantom 2.0 goggle. Whether your little one is learning, training or playing, the Phantom 2.0 can keep them swimming with no worries. So why choose the Phantom 2.0:

• Great comfort, lightweight and face contouring fit created through the use of the Soft Seal™ gasket.
• Selection of lens colours to find that perfect lens for swimming inside, outside or both.
• CLT™ (Curved Lens Technology) offering 180-degree peripheral vision.


A Fit for Everyone

And a few more of Zoggs' favourite goggle features - Anti-Fog, UV Protection, Quick Adjust and Split Yoke Strap.
This is a great goggle for your little ones swim development. This is a goggle that can travel with them through the stages of swim development until they are speeding up and down the lanes or diving deep with friends. Get their's today and they'll be powering up and down the lanes in no time.

Bondi Junior


Feel great gliding through the water with our Phantom 2.0 Clearer Vision goggle. On top of looking great, this goggle features a quick adjust system to help you find the right fit, as well as a split yoke strap for maximum support and comfort. 

More Features

There will be no mid swim lesson adjustments for you. But even if there is the slide adjust clip makes fitting these goggles easy and quick! Key features of the Bondi...
•  Split Yoke Strap
•  Slide adjustment
•  Zoggs favourite features - Anti-fog and UV Protection
At only £10 this great indoor swimming goggle, so get your little one swimming with no worries today!

Ripper Goggles

Is your little one learning to swim, well the ripper junior could be the goggle for them! A goggle that could be used indoors and outdoors this can be a great goggle for that learn to swim journey. But what are the features of the Ripper Junior?


• Adjustable nose bridge allowing for that perfect fit
• Split Yoke silicone headstrap for that secure fit
• Tinted Lenses
• Zoggs favourite features - Anti-fog and UV Protection
A £6.50 this is a great value goggle, so what are you waiting for get your little one kitted out for their swimming lessons today!