Learning to swim from home

If you’re looking for a way to build your child’s water confidence at home, there’s no better place to start than the bath! We've compiled some of our best 'learn to swim' toys, but any of our toys can be used in the bath, or around the house - you just have to get creative!

Five Seal FlipsFive Seal Flips

Seal Flips

make its head flip! They're great for getting kids used to getting their faces close to the water. If your little one gets really good, why not try and create a bubbly obstacle course?!


Our DC Splashems are great fun in the bath and the pool, just give them a squeeze to squirt the water! What's more, these are perfect for creating your own super hero story!

Three SlashemsThree Slashems
Three SoakersThree Soakers


Zoggy Soakers are designed to get little ones used to the feel of water, particularly on their face and arms. The 3 colourful characters are Zoggy the Seal, Cedric the Crab and Ozzy the Octopus! They're great to start off using at bath time so that when your child goes swimming for the first time they have a familiar toy with them.

Let us know how you get on

However you choose to carry on learning to swim at home, let us know how you get on by tagging us on social! Whether you end up using a water blaster in the garden, or a pet takes a liking to dive sticks, we would love to hear about it!