Zoggs Swim Diaries: Progress is slow but steady...

After a couple of months of taking the plunge, Lillian fills us in on how the lessons are progressing...

Now I have got over my initial fears from my first few lessons, I was not dreading Thursday evenings anymore!

A few lessons in we are continuing to build confidence with the basics: blowing bubbles trying to keep the full face in the water; kicking up to the middle of the pool holding a noodle in our hands while putting our faces in the water. We were told to breathe out under water until we could hear and feel the bubbles around our face. Then come up for air!


This is my biggest problem at the moment, however much I try, I can't put my full face in! Despite the fact that I am wearing goggles – I have a mental block where I can only put my face into the pool up to the bottom of my goggles but no further. I had a chat with my swimming instructor and she explained that I am already putting my mouth and nose under water, the most vital parts for breathing! It is frustrating because there is no logic to not put my whole face in – especially when I am wearing goggles. This is my next goal – I need to get my breathing regulated and put my face in!

Chatting to my colleagues in the office, having trust in my goggles is the key element for me putting my face in the water. They advised me that a good fit means having goggles that fit to the contours of my face, don’t fog or let water in. As a kid I often did not have trust in the equipment I was using, which in turn really did not help my confidence in the water. After some impromptu goggle fitting, I decided to switch from the previous Predator Womens to a pair of Womens Predator Flex Polarized Ultra. These provided a better seal around the eyes and I preferred the quick adjustment at the sides.

I’m hoping this will help me to overcome my mental block and really hit my next goal...


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