How We Are Changing


At Zoggs, we're passionate about the oceans and what changes we can make to protect our world for the future. We firmly believe our planet cannot wait and we need to take action now. Our mission is to transform debris that's damaging our oceans into high performance swimwear and reducing the amount of plastic used in our packaging.


Zoggs Sustainability MissionZoggs Sustainability Mission


Ecolast +

Made from recycled plastic bottles, Ecolast+ is the leading fabrication for recycled swimwear. With 6 plastic bottles going into every metre of fabric we have removed in excess of 200,000 plastic bottles from the environment since its launch in July 2019.

Our Process

Consumer waste such as plastic bottles are collected and cleaned for recycling, it is then transported to a recycling plant where it is processed into reusable material. Yarn is then knitted into our Ecolast+ fabric consisting of 55 percent recycled polyester and 45 percent PBT. 

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Understanding that many customers wear our swimsuits in swimming pools as well as the ocean, we had to ensure that the fabric could withstand hours in chlorinated water. After hours of vigorous research and testing we are proud to say that our Ecolast+ swimsuits are both sustainable and 100 percent chlorine proof.

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Our Packaging Journey

Keeping in line with our 2020 mission, we have reduced our goggle plastic packaging by 57%.

Redesigning the outer shell, and producing it with cardboard, and the case with a reduced amount of plastic. The best part is, the goggle case can be used more than once.

We introduced 100% biodegradable plastic bags that protect our swimwear when it is transported. Our biodegradable plastic bags deteriorate when it comes into contact with oxygen, severely reducing the amount of single use plastic bags that make their way into landfill.

Our online store packaging is also sent out in Oxo Degradable bags which can be added into your recycling bins. 


For The Future

2020 will bring new changes to our packaging and swimwear range. With a further reduction in our plastic packaging across more of our products, to releasing a sustainable fabric in our Junior and Tots range. The entire team at Zoggs are committed continuing our journey in becoming more environmentally sustainable. For us it’s not just an ‘idea’ it is engraved in the ethos of Zoggs.