Top Tips for getting into Triathlons

 Feeling inspired to try something new and challenge yourself?

Triathlon season is gearing up for the summer and we are gettting ready for a great season!

We caught up with our Ambassador Alana recently after the Noosa Tri and asked Alana about her triathlon journey and her top tips for getting into triathlons


How did you get into Triathlons? 

I did my first triathlon Barwon Heads in 2016. 9 months prior I had received some devastating news about an injury in my knee - the surgeon ultimately suggested I should give up all running/jumping sports (…..this was pretty hard to swallow as a competitive netballer at the time.)

Six months, a second opinion and a whole lot of rehab later, I found myself swimming regularly and riding a $200 road bike off Ebay… all with a secret goal of being able to get strong enough to race (and hopefully complete the run leg pain free) in the local sprint distance triathlon that summer.


Photochromic mirror gogglesPhotochromic mirror goggles

Was it love at first Tri?

I caught the triathlon bug in a big way! I learned how to put air in my tires for the first time about six months after my first triathlon (rookie mistake)… I also discovered the big chain ring around this time (learned to change gears properly)...  it’s amazing the things you don’t know when starting out! I eventually figured out how to use a bike, got a coach, upgraded to a time trial bike and qualified to race at Age Group World Champs on the Gold Coast two years later in 2018! 

Alana Park before a triathlonAlana Park before a triathlon

Which is your favourite part of a triathlon?

Honestly, I am not brilliant one particular discipline, which means each race I like something slightly different. I might nail/love the bike but have heavy legs on the run, or have an amazing swim but lose time in transition trying to get out of my wetsuit. I guess that’s what drew me to triathlon, why train to be great at just one sport if you can try and master three on one day?!



What do you love about triathlons? 

One of my favourite parts about triathlon is something that I love more and more with each race I do – the community and atmosphere is awesome! For an individual sport, the inclusive team atmosphere being part of a triathlon club, and the continual support from the triathlon supporters and fellow competitors on race day really makes you feel like you are part of something special.



Alana Park before completing a triathlon Alana Park before completing a triathlon

We also get to race alongside some of the best in the world, with the Elite race starting prior to the Age Group races. Pretty inspiring watching Olympians and the worlds best international athletes flying around on the same course while you’re getting ready and putting your wetsuit on!

Alana Park coming first in a triathlonAlana Park coming first in a triathlon

What is your favourite triathlon distance?

At the moment my focus is on Sprint nad Olympic distance races, with a few 70.3 distance races in the miox later in the season. My Favourite distance is Olympic which is a 1.5km swim, 40km cycle and a 10km run. I enjoy the slightly longer swim relative to the toher disciplines and being able to race people home on the run. 

How do you train for a triathlon?

Training for me involves swim sessions, cycle sessions on the road and on the trainer (like a treadmill for my bike), run session on the track, a long easy run, 1-2 brick sessions (cycle straight into a run) and strength work in the gym.

Alana Park in Zoggs swimwear and holding low profile titanium gogglesAlana Park in Zoggs swimwear and holding low profile titanium goggles
Alana Park riding a bike in a triathlonAlana Park riding a bike in a triathlon

Top Tips for people considering trying triathlons? 

My biggest piece of advice for anyone considering doing a triathlon is to just get out there and have a crack! At races there is always going to be people walking past with fast looking bikes, but there is also plenty of mountain bikes with baskets attached to the front.

Everyone starts somewhere! Have a google and find a local triathlon club/coach, the triathlon community loves helping lure likeminded people into this fabulous sport - and help teach all the tricks to have a fun training and on race day.


I have been so lucky to meet some incredible people, work with some amazing brands (ZOGGS!!) and travel to some stunning places with this sport. That knee injury years ago helped me find my love of triathlon and is a constant reminder to not take my body for granted – it can do some pretty amazing things when you train hard and take care of your health!



You can find Alana on Instagram @alanajade6

Happy swimming!