Replacing The Gym For The Pool


I think many Australians can agree that in terms of COVID, we are in a far greater position than many other countries around the world. However the harsh reality is that so much of COVID is out of our control. 

If you're like many Australians trying to find new ways to switch off from the world than we may have a solution for you.

Swimming is an all-round exercise that can be easy, inexpensive and everyone can go at their own pace. Most beaches around Australia have open water pools and can make for an ideal solution than joining a gym

Swimming allows you to work your entire body from head to toe, it increases your heart rate without compounding your limbs, tones muscle, builds strength and endurance. We are estimating that in an hour of low to moderate swimming you can burn up to 423 calories.

It is widely known that exercise in general can release natural endorphins helping to increase your mood and general way of being. The sound of your breathing and the water rushing by your body can create a calming sensation and allows you the ability to self reflect, especially when it is just you and the deep blue.


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