Supportive Swimwear for Big Busts


Finding the Right Bust Support Swimsuit

For women blessed with a bigger bust, shopping for your upper body can be very frustrating; especially figure hugging clothes and swimwear. Items can either fit your body but remain tight on top or fit your bust comfortably but remain loose everywhere else. Neither option is flattering as you compromise one thing for the other. Finding the right swimwear to suit your shape shouldn't be a challenge, which is why we provide cupsized swimwear from a D to G cup.

However, swimwear does not need to be specifically cupsized to offer support. In order for you to identify which swimwear for big busts will best suit your figure, apart from cup size, we have put together some features that are ideal for women with a larger bust.1204142_Sandon-Scoopback_68001

Features that will flatter, enhance and support your bust:

  • Full Foam Cups - provide maximum support and shaping
  • Removable Cups - offer optional light support and shaping and are also suitable for mastectomy
  • Underwired - provide secure support and extra lift
  • Structured suit - specifically designed for women with bigger bust sizes (D to F cup sizes)
  • Cup Sized - swimsuits desgined specifically for each cup size (available in sizes D, DD, E, EE, F, FF, G)
  • Adjustable straps - these allow for added comfort and a customised fit, also suitable for longer or shorter body lengths

All of these features make the search for swimwear for big busts so much simpler. There’s no need to worry about a poor fit as the Zoggs size guide is very detailed. You can be confident that you’ll be purchasing a swimsuit made just for you and your body type.

If you do need extra support on the bust, features to avoid would be bust lined (offers modesty but not support), a shelf bra (only offers light support) and graduated cups (designed for women with an A - C cup size).

The back of a swimsuit will also have an impact on how much bust support it offers. The higher the back of the costume the more supportive it will be. Our sport swimwear tends to feature open backs that do not provide as much support for a larger bust. The most advisable back for larger busts would be a Scoopback or Hi Back, as this design will also usually come with thick supportive straps and a shelf bra that goes around to the back of the costume.

At Zoggs we have made it our mission to ensure everyone, of all ages and sizes, has the ability to enjoy spending time in the water; whether for fun or competitively. With our varied collection of swimwear designed with different body shapes in mind, women can swim confidently, comfortably and securely. Our Swimshapes range is designed to flatter, enhance and support all body shapes, so you can feel supported and comfortable in your Zoggs swimsuit.