Zoggs Goggles Fitting Guide

Ensuring your goggles fit comfortably and securely is key to a great swim!  Your goggles will help protect your eyes and ultimately improve performance during your next swim session; therefore it is important that they fit correctly.

Goggles on your face

The team at Zoggs have put together the below tips for correctly fitting your goggles, along with a useful video to demonstrate together with expert advice for caring for your goggles too!

Step 1 - Get the seal right
• Hold the goggles firmly against your face
• They are a good fit if they stay in place for a split second

The fit of the seal will depend on the shape of your face so try a few pairs. You’ll find that some fit better than others as everyone’s face shape and size are different.

Step 2 – Then fit the strap
• Fit the strap using the specific goggle adjustment until they feel comfortable and are not too tight.
• The strap is there just to keep the goggles in position – the seal should hold them in place.

Watch our Goggle Fitting video: Zoggs Goggle Fitting Guide Youtube

Caring for your goggles
Look after your goggles and they’ll look after you in the water! It is important to follow the below tips when cleaning your goggles to keep them looking great and so that they last for as long as possible.

• Thoroughly rinse your goggles in fresh, cold water to remove any chlorine, salt or sand.
• To dry, simply shake to remove any excess water before allowing your goggles to air dry.
• Do not store or leave your goggles out in direct sunlight as this could cause the silicone to dry and also cause colour fading.
• Never spit on the lenses or rub your goggles, as this could remove coatings & cause scratches.
• Store your goggles in a pouch to ensure they remain in a great condition and stay protected until your next swim.

Watch our Goggle Fitting video: Zoggs Goggle Care Guide Youtube

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