Using training aids to improve your swim technique [videos]

If you're looking to improve your swimming technique, we have a series of new films on our YouTube channel. These feature James Goddard who is also in these training aid films. James is an award winning British competitive and backstroke swimmer who represented Great Britain in the Olympics, FINA world championships and European championships. He swam for England in the Commonwealth Games, and also runs regular swim training camps throughout Europe. Here he shows you how to use a Zoggs kickboard, Finz, pull buoy and hand paddles.

Zoggs Kickboard - how to use when training and to build strength: This video will help improve your body position in the water and your focus on your lower body, strengthening your muscles.

Zoggs Finz - how to use them to improve your swimming: Designed to aid swimmers in their training to improve on their endurance and reduce muscle fatigue. Our Finz will help you make the most out of workout and perfect your stroke technique.

Zoggs Pull buoy - how to use this piece of swim kit: This video will take you through using a Pull buoy effectively to help isolate the upper body, to improve upper body strength and allow you to focus on your stroke technique.

Zoggs Hand Paddles - how to improve your technique and build speed: This video will show you that using Hand Paddles are a fantastic training aid for those looking to improve their stroke technique. They will increase your workout and improve your fitness achieved from regular swims.

Make sure you check out our swimming technique videos with James Goddard. These cover freestyle, freestyle breathing, tumble turns, breaststroke, back crawl and butterfly.