Technique Tips: How to Use Training Fins

At Zoggs, we’re passionate about all things swimming and that’s why we produce a range of swimwear, swimming aids and equipment that’s designed to help you make the very most of your swim time.

Some of the most popular swimming aids we provide are training fins and if you haven’t tried them yet, here’s a brief guide to how they work and what the benefits are:

What are swimming fins?

Lightweight and flexible, fins slip onto your feet much like shoes.

However, although they will propel you smoothly through the water at speed and can be used recreationally. Zoggs training fins have been ergonomically designed to help you actually train to be a stronger, faster, more confident swimmer.

During your swim,  short blade fins reduce muscle fatigue to help you extend your swim-time and limit the potential for post-swim cramps developing so you can recover from your exercise, sport or fun swim quickly and comfortably. While long blade fins give you extra bouancy and increases resistance to give you more maximum propoulsion!


long blade fins and goggles next to the poollong blade fins and goggles next to the pool

Why use fins?

Anyone who swims regularly will slowly build up their physical strength and develop the techniques necessary to be a safe, confident, strong, distance swimmer. Fins are a fun and clever aid that help speed up that process to get you really swim-fit, fast.

Wearing fins helps you to focus on your kicking movements and as you perfect and master the kick-stroke technique and rhythm of butterfly, backstroke and freestyle, Zoggs training fins create additional, equally distributed resistance in the water to make your legs work harder.

This builds your core muscle tone, cardio and leg strength, and ankle flexibility to help you develop a powerful kick, quickly.

long blade fins back stroke under waterlong blade fins back stroke under water

How to wear fins

It couldn’t be easier to add fins into your regular swim routine. Available in adult sizes 1 to 12, Zoggs Short Blade Fin feature a lightweight, open-toe shoe design complete with short-blade fins that are compact, comfortable and suitable for any stroke.

Just slip your feet in and you’re ready to go. However, because they’re made of soft-grip rubber, it’s often easier to put short blade fins on when they, and your feet, are wet. Simply rinse them in the showers on your way into the pool or in the water itself.

Long blade fins have ultimate comfort with a moulded rubber foot pocket and open-toe shoe design complete with a long blade rubber fin that is perfect for propulsion and power. 

Check out our youtube video on how to out fins on correctly here

close up short blade fins propulsionclose up short blade fins propulsion

Swimming with fins

Training fins are designed to help you improve your kicking technique so you don’t need to worry about adopting any particular new leg movements.

However, if you’re used to swimming without fins they can feel a little strange at first so while you’re getting use to them, focus on kicking from the hips, controlling your leg movements and flicking the ankles at each leg extension to get the best results.

In addition to training fins, other training aids to help you develop your swim technique and endurance including hand paddles, kickboards and pull buoys.

long blade fins under water pool swimming long blade fins under water pool swimming

What is the difference between short and long blade fins?

Short blade fins are stiffer and less flexible on your foot. Short Blade fins make it easier to keep up a quick tempo in the water and create propulsion in the water.

Long blade fins have a flexible blade and a flat edge to create more water resistance and a longer kick in the water. The heel of the fin is also more flexible and easier to put on.


If you want a more indepth comparison of short and long blade fins click here