Sarah's top tips for getting back into the pool

Are you looking to get back into the pool after a break over the holidays, its important to take your time getting back into training to ensure you don't injure yourself and are sustainable with your training plan.

We caught up with Sarah who is a swimming coach  and asked her what her top tip is for getting back in the pool after a break. 


Why is swimming good for you?

Swimming is low impact, provides great mental health benefits, can be done with minimal "fancy" gear and is primarily able to be done year round.




 I still use this myself personally. GREAT especially for someone looking to get into or back into the pool!!

Breaking your swim down into smaller sets and gradually building up your sets helps you to feel more comfortable in the pool and means that you will feel more accomplished after each session.

Before you know it you have accomplished the distance and it also helps keep count of the laps.  

Photochromic mirror gogglesPhotochromic mirror goggles

When youre starting off in the pool it is important that you set SMART and realistic goals for each session to ensure you feel accomplished after every swim and excited for your next one. 


Alana Park before a triathlonAlana Park before a triathlon

Try a session Sarahs way!

Swim your first 500m as 

  • 10 x 50m (fins) with a 20 second break between each 50m 

Swim your first 1km as 

  • 10 x 500m or 5 x 200m (fins) with a 30 second rest between each 100m


If you are looking for some equipment but not sure where to start a kickboard and some short blade fins are the way to go. 

Short Blade fins (also reffered to as training fins) are a great way to increase the power of your kick and take some of the load off your arms while helping you propell through the water. 

A kickboard is great for all stages of swimmers and helps you focus on your core stability and kicking technique. 


Happy swimming!