What you need for your first swimming lesson

While it might seem obvious what you needed for a first swimming lesson, it's not always clear beyond the swimwear and towel. Here's a handy checklist to make sure that first experience in the pool is the best it can possible be regardless of when you learn.

Locker change/token - unless it's permitted to keep your belongings poolside, the chances are they'll need a locker. Most require a coin or a token so it's worth checking before you arrive. Normally the key will be on a band so you can keep it on your wrist and not have to worry while you're in the pool.

Swimwear and cap - whether it's a swimming costume, shorts or jammers, it's worthwhile checking the guidelines at the local swimming pool. Swimming caps are great for keeping long hair out of the way and reducing drag but you may find they're compulsory at some leisure centres.

Goggles - goggles are often recommended for swimming lessons as they encourage a better technique and protect eyes from chlorine. Have a look at our goggle features guide to see what would work best and our goggle fit guide.

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Footwear - if you don't fancy walking to the pool barefoot, it might be you're allowed to wear indoor footwear or flip flops.

Towel - a towel is essential after a shower but think about where you leave it. Does it need to be in a locker or can it be taken poolside?

Hairbrush & toiletries - it's always nice to have a shower after a swim so don't forget your shampoo. Depending on where you're heading afterwards, you might also want to take a hairbrush and moisturiser.

Water & snacks - you might be thirsty or hungry after your swim so it's a good idea to take a bottle of water and a snack like a banana. Alternatively, find out what facilities are available at your leisure centre as they may have a cafe on site.

Now you know what to expect at your first lesson, make sure you go there and have fun! The best way to learn is when you're having a great time. Best of luck.